“Common Purpose Government Infiltrators”, 15 Sept 07, by Brian Gerrish

Who the hell are these people? A good lesson in the subversion of the charity in the 21st Century and how Governments can be infiltrated.

Very informative and disturbing lecture given by Brian Gerrish in Leicstershire, September this year.

ww.commonpurpose.org Common Purpose was in Brown’s National Security Speech TheyWorkForYou.com

www.stopcp.com www.cpexposed.com


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  1. Galvatron says:

    Brian Gerrish is a very brave man and a genius. His research into the EVILS of Common Purpose (CP) and how that “Masonic Group” has been developed to taek control of ALL District Councils, Shire Councils, City Councils, Borough Councils, County Councils, NHS, State Education System, Public Companies, Private Companies and the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force in the UK, is showing us all that the European Union (EU) is ALSO extremely subversive and EVIL.

    Common Purpose (CP) is a “Communist Party” that smacks of “Fabian Society Political Doctrine”, deliberately created as a “charity” but is really a shadowy “think tank” for the ILLUMINISTS and their NEW WORLD ORDER. If CP manages to take Britain into the EU completely, then National Socialist Germany will look tame in comparison. Brian Gerrish speaks alot of wisdom and truth. The British People need to WAKE UP and realize the EU is concerned wholly as is Common Purpose with dismantling the UK, destroying this country financially, culturally, historically and socially.

  2. Ed says:


    while one could be forgiven for being skeptical about such claims, it certainly is very suspicious. Given the current climate, I am inclined to agree – at the very least – that there is an invisible and quasi-private mandate being propogated throughout the public infrastructure. This much is obvious given Gerrish’s findings.

    Let us not forget, however, that the Communist ideology (read ‘communal-ism’) has, in fact, little to do – if anything – with centralisation of power and control. I would personally stray from the use of the term and instead use the more relevant moniker, ‘fascism’, which directly implies the rule of the few over the many.

    I’d recommend anyone confused about these terms to read about the Marx and Engels Communist Manifesto of 1847.

    There’s a nice little summary of it here:

    It is available in full here:

    Quote: “The Communist Manifesto reflects an attempt to explain the goals of Communism, as well as the theory underlying this movement. It argues that class struggles, or the exploitation of one class by another, are the motivating force behind all historical developments. Class relationships are defined by an era’s means of production…”

    The writer Dennis Wheatley famously said that the two ideologies were ‘different sides of the same coin’ (paraphrased). I’d personally disagree, provided the terms are sufficiently defined.

    If we are to fully understand what is going on today, we must first come to terms with the definitions of the language we are using to discuss it, in my opinion.

    I wonder if the media-inspired confusion surrounding these definitions are disseminated (or allowed) with propagandist intent.

    Great comment, thanks 🙂

    • Sara says:

      Dear Brian

      Your courage is a light to many people in this country and around the world. You have been very brave and that must scare them!!!

      I would like to get intouch with you as I and my collegues feel that we have similar experience and you might give us some tips of how to overcome our current situation. I must tell you that we are people who want to break free from all that corruption and demons. I can only define them as demons. The British public have been put to sleep and they need to wake up. This thing is not only affecting the British people but unfurtunately affecting every corner of our world. I would like to discuss few things with you.

      Thoughtful regards

      Thank you

  3. Zongo says:

    The philosophy spawning Common Purpose is not the classical/pop Marxism of school texts. Check out Gramscian Marxism and mix a bit of Euro-Communism and see what you get. Check out the CPGB various faction splits and why. Check out the morphing from Marxism Today…….thru… DEMOS….thru various thinktanks routing to Common Purpose. Do some research. It is all there. This is not a conspiracy theory. It is historical fact.

  4. scott says:

    That was an amazing lecture, Brian is a very articulate speaker and a brave man. I first heard of Common Purpose upon reading the fabulous book by David Icke The Global Conspiracy and how to end it, and it became evident to me, especially after listening to the lecture, that this organisation is how the EU and more importantly the NWO (New World Order) will infiltrate and corrupt the minds of the middle classes and the ‘educated’ people so it can create the fascist society it so desires. It reminded me in many way of George Orwell’s 1984 and the idea of Crimethink. The moto of ‘diversity’ is a typically twisted irony so common throughout that book as well.

  5. Mike says:

    Communism + Fascism = Autocracy ..Same Vehicle Different bumper sticker ..Well done Brian Gerrish for all the hard work involved in uncovering the corrupt EU and The misuse of tax payers money being channeled back to them via a corrupt Bogus Lefty CULT ..Hell bent on destroying all that is good and sacred in the UK ..This vid also made me go along and Google UKIP …Well i know who to vote for next time 8 )

  6. carol jewell says:

    I am a fan of Brians because I have been aware for some time that their is something terrible happening in our country. Who wouldn’t be worried? I would like to speak to Brian or ask him to visit our town. Many many residents of our lovely area are scared witless at what is going on. Brian is a breath of fresh air. But the fight will be tough! I would like to be involved and I know many others who would be to.

  7. mel says:

    i knew nothing about cp ……. appreciation to brian gerrish

  8. Ed says:

    New common purpose watch-blog now online: http://www.cpexposed.com

  9. bob says:

    The E.U. is the wet dream of The Rothschilds & Rockefellers aka the NWO /Illuminati. Of course Sarkozy , Mendlesohn , Jack Straw (Stravinsky), Clinton, Kissinger ,etc etc are Khazrsa aka fake jews

  10. The time has come to face a very harsh and frightening reality. An organization called Common Purpose, that few people know about , has, after a very long time, been able to infiltrate our government and institutions. We always wondered what was wrong! Now we know.
    The good news is that we have identified the enemy, and the second bit of good news, is that it must now be destroyed.
    To be united is the key. I suggest to every one of you, to contact Brian Gerrish, so that you can be instructed on how to expose Common Purpose. It will not be difficult to eradicate this mennace, but it will take effort and a strong will. Let us achieve this small price to pay, for the freedom of this country.

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