Credo Mutwa, Zulu Shaman, Talks About The ‘Real’ History Of Africa

Some pretty out there stuff right here but, as any psychoanalyst or anthropologist will tell you, we can learn as much about ourselves from our stories as our experiences. Despite this there are some intriguing insights into Zulu language, etymology, culture, and folklore. And who knows, the evidence that our origins are from beyond this earth have mounted over the years. Interviewed by David Icke.

Credo Mutwa on wikipedia

Part One

Part Two

Part Three


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  1. Jon says:

    This is nothing new, this story has been told in every corner of the Earth, for as long as we have been here!

    Why? … because it is the truth.
    Islam talks of the ‘Evil Jinn’ that will corrupt the thoughts of kings, with whispers in their ears!

    the Serpant, the beast, annunikai, nephilim, evil Jinn, reptoids, devils, vampires, critters, trolls, demons, dragons, jahbulon, baphomet, moloch, lucifer, abbadon, and many many many more slogans and words point to this.

    Believe in the one True God, do not believe the age old myths that ‘There is no Satan’ and ‘There is no God”

    For this is the nature of the ‘great deceiver’ keep Love in the fore of the heart, and fear will fade away!!

    Peace, Love and Unity

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