Phil Schneider On Deep Underground Military Bases And World Government Involvment With E.T’s ** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

“This story is very shocking indeed. Philip Schneider was a engineer who worked for the US government and in the last few years of his life revealed many secrets about what has being covered up. As a result he was murdered for this in 1996. Here is the lecture that got him murdered, recorded 6 months before his death. very interesting.”

I heard this guy was found dead in his apartment with a garott deeply embedded in his neck and throat. The police verdict was suicide. ‘Nuff said. Wonderful story, even if it is nothing else… But then who, really, could say? His story, while sounding completely insane, is compellingly portrayed and even backed up with a variety of physical evidence (including a horrifically peculiar injury claimed to have been sustained from an ET weapon discharge). And then, of course, there is his strange death… like so many others before him, too, if you care to look into it.

The Phil Schneider Story Website A Message From Phil Schneider’s Ex-Wife


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  1. John Smith says:


  2. Ed says:

    Good question. I’ve noticed the recent revamps of the google and youtube interfaces have made searching a little less comfortable. Also, my usual tricks for searching for films are now coming up with considerably (by the hundred) less results. I can’t find the original film here (but I’ll continue to look) so I’ve added, below, the only one I could find. I’ll update this space with any new finds. Peace.

  3. Buzz Aldrin says:

    That guy is a crazy person. All hearsay. No documentary evidence, no photos, no schematics. A few hand written a4 sheets with marker pen. Rambling presentation. He was fired for being a fruitcake.

  4. Ed says:

    Hmm. Remember in the 60’s and early 70’s, all those crazy people jabbering on about how the CIA were beaming microwaves into their brains and controlling their thoughts? Staple schizo diet for the era. Funny really, because it has since been proven that that is exactly what the CIA were doing. As for this guy: probably is just making it up. But then maybe he isn’t.

  5. P. Hernandez says:

    “Buzz Aldrin”, why not show me YOUR source for saying he was fired for being a fruitcake. I’ve watched the videos, read about Schneider from a few sources, couldn’t find if or why he was fired. And why do you invoke Buzz Aldrin’s name, for credibility? Classic disinfo hit and run baseless attempt to discredit.

  6. Theyare Here says:

    This guy was one of many used for an example for the rest of us that know the truth to keep our mouths shut.If you had any idea what goes on below the surface of this planet of liars you would be afraid to leave your home. ,,, the truth is we are not alone. Not in the universe And not on this PLANET humans are so willing to accept what some one tells them is truth they should be &***&%&%$% wait that is what is happening to them my bad OPEN YOUR MINDS PEOPLE UNCLE SAM IS A LIAR AND WHO OR WHATEVER IS RUNNING THE SHOW THREW ALL OF YOU OVERBOARD YEARS AGO SO ENJOY WHAT YOU CAN WITH THE DAYS YOU HAVE LEFT, ALL OF OUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED BELIEVE THAT ,,,,,,, BELIEVE THAT,,,,


  7. Camery says:

    We are coming closer to the knowledge of the truth.

    This year begins another era in the downhill slide from the 9-11 incident with 101 serious questions.

    Here begins a separation of the good, the bad and the ugly.

    The good will get better. The bad will get worse and the ugly earth changes will begin.

  8. Claud Hopper says:

    Bravo Tango….BRAVO TANGO…..Break it off, damn it! Break from text. Hmmm, where might this apply? Better still, what was it about? Anyone care to guess?

  9. Jack says:

    buzz? Lol masonic

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