CIA Drug Operations, Unaired Documentary

Understanding the mentality and culture within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and other government entities that have inflicted catastrophic harm throughout the world, with tragic consequences upon the men, women, and families of the United States. Two of the most prominent areas in which the CIA’s conduct has had catastrophic consequences for Americans have been in its 50-year history of drug smuggling into the United States, and its role in generating hatred for the United States throughout the world.

Very interesting stock and interview footage, as well as a compelling subject area that still receives little or no attention.


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  1. incogman says:

    And what about Mena, Arkansaw and Seal running coke into an airport for the CIA when Bush was VP and Clinton was governor?
    These are the things that our BS government and Zionist controlled Media does not want to talk about. They’ve got the goods on both Bush and Clinton and that’s why you have the BS politics you’ve seen over the last 6 years or even much, much longer.

    Old Hillary (and Guiliani) are all traitorous insiders and we’ll all be forced to have to decide who’s the lessor of 2 evils, thanks to our media and the brain-dead of this country.

    It’s nothing but a pathetic, sick joke on this country, anymore. I write extensively on the real deal going down, here at my blog:
    Stop by sometime and get the low-down for real!

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