Taking Liberties (Since 1997), Tony Blair and The Assault On UK Citizen’s Human And Civil Rights ** ALERT: UK CITIZENS YOU ARE NO LONGER FREE, START ASKING WHY AND DO NOT ACCEPT THE SHORT ANSWERS ANYMORE.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine

Part Ten

Part Eleven

www.noliberties.com Wikipedia on Habeas Corpus TheyWorkForYou.Com

“This is Taking liberties and is about the evil tony blair. Now you will see what he has done to us and the UK. This is in eleven parts because, it is a long documentary film.

This is a good documentary but there may be some bits that your not intrested in. Just ignore them parts if you want.

The last two parts are even shorter because it would be silly to have a video for a few seconds.

for more information, see here http://www.noliberties.com/ [link above – Ed.] and there is a forum there as well.” – Thanks FightForYourFreedom

This makes me very angry. Angry as hell. Make your support for these issues and true journalism known, buy the DVD and e-mail a Lord or your MP. Get active!


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  1. UK Voter says:

    Even though your article was written a year ago, it is amazing how relevant it is today.

    Because the news that the government now wants to track our mobile phone calls, texts, emails and internet browsing habits has got me enraged. For the past 11 years, this government has sought more and more control over its citizens, from installing 4.2m CCTV cameras, to the suggestion that we must respond to more and more intrusive questions when they complete the next census. It has simply got to stop.

    On this occasion, I have done something about it, in my own small way. I have written an article outlining what the government is seeking to do and my views. But, I have also produced a ‘draft’ letter that can be personalised and sent to local MP’s. I am urging other likeminded people to reproduce the article, to include their own comments, after all, not everyone will agree with all my comments and then publicise it. Maybe we can start a programme where people start to bombard their MP’s with a demand that they do not support the latest data communication bill. The link is here if you would are to take a look.

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