David Gallo Presents Incredible Marine Life Film Footage

97% of the worlds oceans remain undiscovered. They contain the worlds largest mountains and deepest valleys…


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How The Sun Really Works: The Electrical Universe Model

The electrical model of the universe is a fascinating area of study. It simply explains astronomical and physical phenomena that complex and tiresome physics have tried to explain for centuries. Even today the better known so-called Super-string and unified field (or ‘M’) theories struggle to establish themselves as the accepted base understanding of the kosmos. The electrical model appears to magically fill all the gaps, however. Here the workings of the sun, our own life-giving star, are explained.

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The 25 Pound Biofuel MYT Engine Replaces The 800 pound V8 Engine And Will Run 150 Miles To The Gallon

Again, yup.

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Rat Neurons (In A Dish) Learn How To Fly An Aeroplane


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Ayn Rand’s First TV Interview With Mike Wallace ** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED VIEWING

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

The wonderfully articulate Russian novelist, Ayn Rand. Highly recommended viewing. Her words are eerily apt today.

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Southern California Shanty Town / Tent City ** RECOMMENDED VIEWING

Coming to your home town soon? Did you see this on the news, America?

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American Drug War: The Last White Hope by Kevin Booth

I compiled this seven minute video to give people a little free taste of my new film from sacredcow.com

“If you hate the Drug War, and I know you do, you’re going to love this documentary”

Mary Ought Six HIGH TIMES magazine ”

I’m normally interested only in full films or interesting clips here on RF. In this case, however, I’d like to promote awareness of a film and that film is American Drugs War, The Last White Hope 

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New Hampshire Primary: Sham Chain of Custody by BlackBoxVoting

They decided NOT to put the ballots in the vault and the “Seal” does NOT seal the box. Smoke and mirrors in New Hampshire recount.

Nice piece of citizen journalism here. Taking back the democratic process in more way than one.

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Hammer And Feather Dropped On Moon By Apollo 15 Astronaut Dave Scott

Very nice clip. And difficult to argue the hoax theory after seeing this. However, argue it people will. I think until we see men return (and remember they haven’t for almost 40 years) people will always wonder if we ever did. And understandably so.

Thanks go to ‘Neil Armstrong’ (I’d like to think the real one!) for this clip [see comments under ‘Paper Moon’ film, a highly recommended film for getting the ‘other side’ on the Moon landing hoax-or-not debate]

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Sky At Night: Moon Hoax Debunked by Patrick Moore

“BBC April 2002 Daft Moon Landing Hoax debunked by Patrick Moore and Douglas Arnold.”

Patrick Moore is a childhood hero of mine. It intrigues me that this moon landing hoax issue inspires so much debate. Surely there should just be plain old evidence that cannot be called into question by experts?

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