Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, Jon Ronson And Alex Jones Expose A Myth ** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

This is bizarre stuff. Basically, everyone you’ve heard of that has any power at all goes to this weird place in California where guys dress up in pointy hats and sacrifice effigies of children to a giant 40ft stone Owl called Molech, an ancient Babylonian God of sacrifice. Yup. Told you it was weird. This is like something from a James Bond movie: just point me in the direction of the sharks with frickin’ lasers attached to their heads.

I’m proud to have met Jon Ronson in 1994. I interviewed him on the roof of his flat in Covent Garden, while he was working for TimeOut, as co-producer of a documentary investigating Combat-18 and the rise of Neo-Nazism in South London. Jon is a very nice guy and we chatted for a while about our personal writing projects. I hope one day I’ll meet him again, only also have something I can say ‘look! I did this!’ and be proud of the fact I finally got around to doing and finishing something important.


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  1. Herbert Levinson says:

    You know the average American doesn’t have time to read all the history, about the things that effect mankind most. He/or She goes to work daily to sustain themselves.
    I knew of the system many years ago. After reading “The Arms of Krupp”. I always said very little, to other people about what I learned and how they are abused and manipulated.

    I am 74 years old and found that few people like, to read history.
    But, history gives you a clearer picture window, to the present.

    How could anyone comprehend the present with out knowing the past.

    The media is in the hands of the few that are out there to deceive you and con you from your money, driven by advertising.

    Americans are just now, waking up. Thanks, to the Computer, email and exponential transmissions, to large numbers of people.
    These are very compelling historic records, in many cases and are now just rippling through our society.

  2. Ed says:

    Thanks for your thoughts. I just hope everyone wakes up before we end up with global martial law (to quell this transcendence). Put a uniform on a man and give him a gun: he or she is capable of anything. History has taught us that, also.

  3. Jamie says:

    The truth is, this video tells us nothing we don’t already know about power-hungry Prominents and their lack of concern for others. What is shocking about it is the realization that they actually get together regularly to symbolize their indifference in the form of a spooky ritual, and that they’ve been doing it for over a hundred years now. It’s no wonder that terrible things happen to innocent people in the world and no one seems to care, when these clowns (many of them world leaders (who are supposed to be our role models) are out there “killing” their conscience every summer. And it doesn’t exactly motivate me to vote, when, whether on the left or right, whoever he is and (despite) whatever he says he believes in, chances are he’s been to Bohemian Grove at least once or twice to cheer on those wack-jobs in the pointy hats with all the rest of them. You’ve gotta love what this world is coming to.

  4. Ed says:

    Yup. Come the evolution, as they say…

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