Was It Only A Paper Moon? A Film By Investigative Journalist Jim Collier ** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

More evidence against the moon landings. A 90 minute video by Jim Collier, who held the notion that there never were any moon landings. his nagging doubts led him to make this film. A few years later, he died. You can learn more about the film at:
You can download a full 90 minute WMV version or order the DVD. Both those who believe there was a conspiracy of truth and those who make calculations in support of NASA will find this film interesting. Conspirationalists will find a like mind. Educators and physicists who enjoy exploring errors of assumption can find this a great educational tool for class projects. The downloadable WMV file is less than $5.

A sober, intelligent investigative journey into NASA’s alleged moon landings. The main argument against any such conspiracy is ‘why would the Russians let the US get away with it?’ I’ve no idea, but I’ve seen some incredibly convincing evidence to suggest, especially now, that some or much of the footage, at least, is faked.

Some fascinating footage of the actual Eagle lander craft and ‘Rover’ vehicle, presumably still kept at Kennedy Space Centre museum, as well as rarely seen vintage film. The part that amuses me most is when the lander module blasts back off into space: the camera filming it, remotely of course, zooms out and then pans up, keeping the shabby looking apparently space-worthy box perfectly in frame! Ridiculous! It’s like watching a B-movie!!!


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  1. Neil Armstrong says:

    The following series contains a fairly rigorous argument/evidence testing exercise that can be systematically, and intelligently applied to any conspiracy theory.

    The sound quality is not great, but don’t let that put you off your search for the truth.

    Paradigm Warning: One’s cherished conpiracy theory opinions may not stand up to the application of cold, hard logic.


  2. Ed says:

    Cold hard logic is good for me. “My conspiracy theories” are far from cherished, I assure you. All I want to know are facts and I want them to be presented to me sensibly and without caveats. There are some absurd anomalies in NASA footage that simply cannot be disputed logically, unfortunately. It is a sad, and certainly far from cherished, concern that we may never have been to the moon at all: but as far as I’m concerned, the Jury’s still out on it. I’m not wholly convinced either way, primarily due to the poor information I’ve received from both camps. I’ll look at the films you’ve posted here. I’ll post them if they’re sound.

    I’d love to know if you were the real Neil Armstrong! I consider this a possibility as I actually ‘spoke’ with Edgar Mitchell at considerable length via his website forum and email. He had some interesting things to say. I’ve still yet to read his book ‘Way Of The Explorer’, though it’s top of my list.

  3. […] go to ‘Neil Armstrong’ (I’d like to think the real one!) for this clip [see comments under ‘Paper Moon’ film, a highly recommended film for getting the ‘other side’ on the Moon landing hoax-or-not […]

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