Hammer And Feather Dropped On Moon By Apollo 15 Astronaut Dave Scott

Very nice clip. And difficult to argue the hoax theory after seeing this. However, argue it people will. I think until we see men return (and remember they haven’t for almost 40 years) people will always wonder if we ever did. And understandably so.

Thanks go to ‘Neil Armstrong’ (I’d like to think the real one!) for this clip [see comments under ‘Paper Moon’ film, a highly recommended film for getting the ‘other side’ on the Moon landing hoax-or-not debate]


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  1. Buzz Aldrin says:

    Camera up-pan was remote controlled by mission control from Earth. Procedure required split second timing and they screwed up the first few attempts. You’ll need to check this, I believe it was Apollo 15 mission before they achieved an accurate up-pan and hence nice shot of the liftoff.

    In my experience, every question that’s raised by critics is answered just as easily when you have access to the correct information.

    I highly recommend the following talk given by Peter Barrett (last year). He presents a structured, logical and scientific approach to testing the logical integrity of arguments presented by conspiracy theorists.


  2. Ed says:

    I think the term ‘skeptics’ has a little more integrity. If a case against the hoax theory is easily proven there should be no need to resort to ideologically ridden sub-textual discourse that implies the negative aspects such a term inspires. It is very dangerous, likewise, to brush off reasonable debate using these tactics (and I’m not saying you are specifically, Buzz, but it is a method frequently used by Government, the media, intelligence, general human psychology often when the odds of ‘winning’ an argument are not clear etc.etc.)

    Plato spoke of the immortal pillars of wisdom and the immutability of truth through incontestable information about our environment. Rudimentarily he discussed notions such as soft and hard, hot and cold, etc. in order to prime a basis for political discussion rooted in indisputable fact. This subject seems to be very awry when considered in such a light. We should be able to prove, unequivocally, that men landed on the moon. However, there are things that just do not add up and people of considerable experience and qualification to point it out.

    I just like to keep an even keel of comments on this site as people are easily influenced and I think they should watch the films available, do their own research, and make up their own mind. Privvy, hopefully, as you pointed out, however, to accurate information (which may or may not necessarily be ‘official’).

  3. Buzz Aldrin says:

    Okay, so you kiss Neil’s ass and give me a hard time . . .

    If you want the proof, watch the “Why the Moon Hoax makes no sense” presentation on youtube.

    Then you can come back and apologize for busting my balls.

  4. Ed says:

    lol! I watched the Sky At Night debunking-the-hoax-theory film and that was enough information, for me, to cover most of the more mainstream concerns.

    There are still other bits and pieces I’ve seen, however, that just don’t add up. If this was a site dedicated to discovering the truth about the landings, I’d spend my (considerably precious) time putting everything up here but as it stands I’m happy with both sides being presented.

    Didn’t mean to bust your balls there Buzz but the phrase ‘conspiracy theorist’, while in many cases relevant, is one that should be used carefully as we are otherwise in danger of distracting the public from questioning anything with a corporate logo on it. And that would be silly.

    Have you noticed how much the term is now banded around in mainstream media? It is becoming a term tantamount to ‘communist’ and we should all know the problems with that oft-touted phrase well enough by now.

    So you think the CIA don’t run drugs? You think Operation Gladio is a lie? What about the USS Liberty? The illegal bombing of Northern Cambodia at the end of the Vietnam War? You think WTC7 collapsed due to fire? Well, these are all “conspiracy theories” according to the mainstream press and I think it is a negatively loaded and thus dangerous term, and is a threat to our liberty.

  5. Buzz Aldrin says:

    Well okay then. Just always seems that Neil get’s the star treatment, while I bear the brunt of the crap from moon landing nay sayers.

    Anyway, back to the case in point. While it sticks in my craw, I gotta agree with Armstong. The method of logical disputation outlined on the “Why the Moon Hoax makes no sense” series is worth the price of admission alone. I urge you to watch the first 3 parts and take notes.

    Whatever the issue du jour, you’ll have at your disposal the tools to cut right through the BS, spot the classic approaches of obfuscation and distraction and nuke false and contradictory premises without being suckered into ‘their’ frame of reference.

    Watch the god damn talk already! and share the clips on this here site so that your viewers can learn the tools of intelligent discrimination.

  6. Ed says:

    ‘learn the tools of intelligent discrimination.’ That’s a high bar you’ve set there: I’ll watch said film just as soon as I can, inbetween the diamond robbery and the small indonesian island coup I have to pull off this weekend before getting back on the daily hop monday. Amusing good cop/bad cop, Buzz and Niel, comment routine there: 10/10. You should have a TV show. Or maybe your own website? 😉

  7. jamie black says:

    so what exactly is this supposed to be proving anyway?? are you saying these conditions could not be mimicked here on earth, just like the rest of the moon landing situation was? as far as i can tell this shows me absolutely nothing new, just more of the same weak attempts at proving you guys were not in on a massive lie.
    the moon landings are just more of the same nonsense we have been fed for decades from our govt, who always has ulterior motives at hand, when they go about tricking the gullible dumbed down american masses.
    there are just way too many annomilies, way too many things that i have looked at over the yrs to say there really was landings on the moon by humans. sorry, i see through these type of little showcases. i see the truth, and i see the obvious blatant lies and cover ups.
    after watching this i feel more sure than i ever did, that this was indeed a hoax.
    just like 9/11, just like pearl harbour, just like the holocaust(yes it happened, but certainly not the way we were always told in our zio-media.
    no thanks, i will not accept these massive lies from you or anyone else involved.
    my eyes are open and i am awake.

  8. John Smith says:

    h = 1.5 m, g_moon = 1.622 m/s^2, then the free-fall time interval should be t = sqrt(2h/g_moon) = 1.36 sec.
    However, the hammer is in free fall for at most 1.1 seconds.
    Is the moon gravity at that particular location stronger than usual or there is some other explanation?

  9. Ojo says:

    There is just no way all the people involved managed to keep quite this long. Its far too big a secret to keep. Sorry to all you conspiracy theorists out there; but human beings can’t resist the temptation to gloat when they’ve pulled a trick like this. Someone would have slipped up by now.

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