The 25 Pound Biofuel MYT Engine Replaces The 800 pound V8 Engine And Will Run 150 Miles To The Gallon

Again, yup.


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  1. Danny Cunnington says:

    Incredible. I’m sure it works as the guy explained very well how the effeciency was achieved.

    Unfortunately the elites will never allow it to cut across their vested power and control interests.

  2. GDC says:

    as much as we wanted it to succeed, it won’t succeed. Your patents will be blocked. You might be arrested by NSA and put to jail. The “powers that be” will do anything to stop us from achieving technology that will be in contrast to their objective. NWO will never pass technology that makes them loose billions of dollars from oil sale.
    I only hope, though that you succeed, ask help from benevolent politicians.

  3. lAWRENCE WATTS says:

    Lighter cars = safer collisions. Get this info to Ralf Nader. A very good back door would be ultralight aircraft market. what is your max RPM? This has the potential to make trans oceianic flight common to general avation.

  4. dewwop says:

    Did anyone get their website off the video? I can’t tell if that monitor is part of their demo.


  5. Jason says:

    Not a word from this company since 2006. Nuff said

  6. Brian Ellsworth Bengry says:

    This Yank has been following the MYT Engine for quite awhile and I have to ask the question—why wait? Living in the world of LOGIC I know we in Rural America are waiting for such an engine to power our electric generators. If it is for real–all Mr. Morgado has to do is release it as electric generating unit and he’d be able to finance his own operations with all the orders and I for one would not mind giving him my money in advance.

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