MTV Holocaust “Warning”?

I applaud those at MTV who ran this. With recent and ever escalating events, I am deeply worried about our future.



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  1. TerryJ says:

    I notice that the video has been withdrawn. Wonder why. Complaints probably.

  2. Ed says:

    In a country where patriot acts I and II were passed almost without congressional question, where FEMA are building countless detention camps (and giving no explanation), where haebus corpus no longer exists (like the UK), where private armies wander above the law, where one’s own government repeatedly plants bombs to feign terrorist attacks and gets away with it, whose secret service traffic cocaine, destroy evidence, whose administration have loyalties to outside interests (322, skull and bones, the CFR, the trilateral commission, the bilderberg group, etc.)…

    It’s unusual as MTV is, or at least used to be, no stranger to controversy. Though this, admittedly, is a little more poignant than their usual radical art/anime fare.

    The systemic denial and ignorance that is allowing our rights to be slowly stripped from us (here in the West) is chronic and – it seems – unfailing. It is only the vigilance of the people that can prevent fascism. That vigilance has been cleverly usurped by an ever more devious fascist enterprise fuelled by the lessons of the 2nd World War and the works of the Frankfurt School, Baudrillard, DeBurnays, among others. In this crippled condition almost any simulated event could be used to bring about any public reaction desired. The human population of this planet, asides from those most desperate and helpless (and who are witness to the crimes perpetrated by theirs and foreign governments day by day), has been brainwashed and for quite some time.

    When will people wake up? Is it even possible for things to change even if they did? Is fascism the natural state of civilisations? And only as long as the public can be maintained in ignorance does this disguise of democracy reign?

  3. Daniel says:

    Hello all

    If you want to watch the original two videos that are posted on the MTV website, so you can see the context, and the resources they suggest young people use to understand the Holocaust, and preventing another such terrible tragedy, please check out these two links:
    Subway: and
    Family Room:

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