“Massive Aerosols Of E.coli MRE Disseminated Over Populated Areas Of Southern England by Porton Scientists Might Have Caused Both Chest Infections And Diseases Of The Blood In Vulnerable Individuals”

Episodes 1 & 2…

Thanks to Mike for this great comment on the post German Meteorologist States Illegal Weather-Modification Chemtrails Are Real, Files UN Sanctioned Lawsuit Against Germany Military. I’ve posted it here in full with the two google video links provided. Please read the comments in the post above for more context, in particular the Guardian/Observer article linked to there.

March 15, 2008 at 10:54 pm ·

Sue Ellison (spokesperson for Porton Down) obviously had a memory lapse on the day she stated – ‘Independent reports by eminent scientists have shown there was no danger to public health from these releases…’

Somehow she seems to have forgotten to mention that the 1999 MOD commisioned independent review (conducted by Prof Brian Spratt FRS), found that the massive aerosols of E.coli MRE (disseminated over populated areas of southern England by Porton scientists) might have caused both chest infections and diseases of the blood in vulnerable individuals!

For a more detailed historical background to Antony Barnett’s Observer article (see above), check out the following two UK documentaries, which broadcast information about newly discovered Porton Down public area experiments.
Entitled ‘Top Secrets Revealed’, two 23 minute episodes were broadcast during late 2004. They are both available for viewing/download on GoogleVideo.

The first episode covers the years 1950-1963, and contains details of formerly classified public area BW experiments such as:

The Westwood Trials – Following the successful BW ’sabotage’ attack on the Pentagon, by operatives from the Special Operation Division of Camp Detrick, the scientists from the UK Biological Warfare research facility at Porton Down decided to conduct similar experiments of their own. Unfortunately for them, they were refused permission to use Government buildings in Whitehall, London and so they were forced to use the highly classified underground British Museum Art Repository in Westwood Quarry, Wiltshire. During 1950-1951, scientists released large aerosols of an opportunistic pathogen in the British Museum part of the underground quarry- live Serratia marcescens (the same bacteria which was used in the 1950 San Francisco experiments, and which are associated with a fatality of a hospital patient). Unfortunately, these large bacterial aerosols escaped from the BM Repository and entered the underground factory next door. This factory was occupied at the time by over 200 workers! Needless to say, Porton scientists did not warn the factory workers of the risks – neither did they monitor the workers health in case of a Serratia outbreak!

The Railway Coach Trials – Yet another series of ’sabotage’ experiments. This time the purpose was to investigate the feasibility of sabotage attacks on railway trains as they travelled through a tunnel. During these experiments, Porton scientists contaminated regular trains carrying members of the public, as they passed through a tunnel on the Salisbury-Exeter line in the mid-fifties. The trials procedure was for a scientist to hide in a tunnell, equipped with a portable spraying apparatus. Just as the train passed, he operated the spray unit. Trials results proved the contamination of the interior of the train carriages. The passengers were not informed of their participation!

The BW ‘Attacks’ on the City of Salisbury – During 1960, an aircraft, flying an arc 40 miles upwind of Porton’s nearby city of Salisbury, sprayed large quantities of a cadmium compound – Zinc Cadmium sulphide (ZnCds). This compound was carried by the wind onto the city and was inhaled and digested by the population. Documents obtained by myself in 2001 revealed that although Porton were aware of the hazardous nature of ZnCds they never subjected it to toxicity tests prior to its release in populated areas. The population were never informed – even the Independent Review of 2000 didn’t include the Salisbury experiments!

The Lyme Bay Trials (aka the Dorset Defence Trials)-
Episode 1 contains details of the Lyme Bay Trials. This groundbreaking series of experiments involved the spraying, by a ship, of massive amounts of two types of live bacteria. E.coli MRE162 (isolated from a Porton toilet seat in 1949) and spores of Bacillus subtilis aka Bacillus globigii or BG). The huge bacterial clouds were carried onshore by the wind, and were sampled up to 50 miles inland by mobile teams of Porton scientists. The Lyme Bay experiments were repeatedly conducted between 1963-1975. [b]Between 1963-1968, 38 separate massive-release BW experiments were conducted in Lyme Bay and the surrounding area. During the period 1963-1975, this number increased to over 80 experiments!
Top Secrets Revealed Episode 1
23 min 61 MB

Episode 2 contains the following information:

The Icing Tanker Aircraft – This was a classic piece of dual-use technology. On the surface this especially converted aircraft was just a research vehicle, constructed to facilitate investigations into aircraft icing. But it had another, highly classified role – as the UK’s BW spray aircraft. Experiments using this aircraft were conducted in populated areas on numerous occasions during 1967. As before, two types of live bacteria were released – E.coli MRE162, and Bacillus subtilis.

Interview with Professor Brian Spratt FRS – Prof Spratt was commissioned, in 1998, by the UK Ministry of Defence to investigate whether those residents who were exposed to the massive bacterial clouds suffered any adverse health effects. Prof Spratt reveals that while most people would probably have not suffered ill effects, some people, especially those with an underlying disease or suppressed immune system might have experienced pneumonia or sepsis. He also revealed that on four separate occasions, Porton scientists knowingly sprayed a contaminated bacterial suspension over a populated area!

As is this were not enough, during the interview Prof Spratt became aware that the MOD have not been as honest with him as he had thought. They had ‘forgotten’ to inform him of the six ‘massive’ crosswind line releases of live bacteria, which were conducted in 1968. Even worse, declassified documents revealed that these experiments were not conducted for any research purposes – they were instead carried out purely to show off Porton’s dubious abilities to the UK Military!

The 1971 Collaborative UK/US BW Detection Trials –

During November 1971, Lyme Bay and the surrounding countryside again became the host for Porton’s BW experiments, but this time there was a difference – Porton had invited two guests to participate in the tests; the US Army and the US Navy! As before, these experiments were highly classified, but in case the general public had discovered their existence, the MOD had prepared a Press Release which stated that no live bacteria were released. The declassification of the official trials report proved this statement to have been untrue – the report states that, on a number of occasions, massive amounts of live bacteria (Bacillus subtilis) were released.

1975 Joint UK/US BW Detection Trials (DICE Trials) – Little is known about this series of BW detection experiments, which were conducted in the Lyme Bay area. It is known that Porton scientists, in collaboration with US Military scientists, conducted 24 separate massive crosswind line releases of bacteria (Inactivated Serratia marcescens – ISM, and live Bacillus subtilis).

Yet again, as the interview shows, the Ministry of Defence appear to have ‘forgotten’ to inform Prof Spratt about the existence of a series of live bacterial releases in populated areas!

The 2001 Royal Mail Sorting Office Experiments – In response to the 2001 anthrax ‘attacks’ in the US, BW experiments were conducted at 3 major UK Royal Mail Sorting Offices which involved the release of live Bacillus subtilis.

Top Secrets Revealed Programme 2
23 min 61 MB

Do watch them both. They are very revealing!


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6 Responses

  1. Hmm, Professor Spratt kindly send me a copy of his report, as it no longer appears to be readily available on-line.

    It clearly states that there was little or no risk to the overwhelming majority of people – so Sue Ellison’s answer was quite reasonable. You would’ve had to have been bloody unlucky to have been so badly immuno-compromised and living in the Portland area and exposed to a larger-than-average dose of challenge media to have been affected (of course, this doesn’t answer the question of the morality of the trials)

    As for the 1975 trial, this seems to have been simply a case of MOD snafu. Prof. Spratt certainly sees nothing sinister about not being told about it.

    FWIW, the trial (as I was told) was to provide a calibration of American BW-detection apparatus with our* accurate but slow sampling gear.

    *I was one of the junior officers during this trial operating one of the land rover sampling stations at the Underwater Weapons Research Establishment, as was – it took a day or two of incubation of our samples before we could determine the concentrations/types detected. Great for research, no good in a war scenario! It was bloody cold on the Bill and even when we did get time off during the trial, Weymouth, where we were lodged was pretty much closed, it being late summer, early autumn.

  2. Ed says:

    Interesting. I’m sure many of us would like to be able to say we worked at an Underwater Weapons Research Establishment (admittedly, most of us would be men: not excluding myself).

    I think the main issue here, though, is one of trust: that is, does anybody TRUST these people handling such dubious experiments? Think of the recent foot and mouth, blue tongue and god-knows-what-else outbreaks. Consider the track record of military experimentation, worldwide; even domestic/industrial chemical endorsements. Consider, for example, the fact that when the first nuclear bomb was dropped Oppenheimer stated that he didn’t know if the atomic reaction would just rip through the entire planet. It might sound funny now but back then it was a complete unknown. The military took this risk. Consider the problems with fluoride: the recent Chinese survey which links high water fluoridation with commensurately dropping IQ’s of locally born and raised children.

    And consider, also, the fact that this single report is barely the tip of the iceberg; that there have and will continue to be countless experiments done without our knowledge that we will never hear of.

    The question isn’t really whether or not these experiments should take place (of course, you could argue that they simply must in the interests of national security); the question is, whether or not there is a large, informed and well-equipped enough scientific community to deal with the questions and problems this issue raises? Or has this dirty little secret been relegated to some PhD hack who faked his articles in the BMJ for twenty years and now, schizophrenic but just sane enough to stay off the nut-radar, employs four twenty-something BSc’s working for a sister company of Lockheed Martin in some Surrey backwater?

    Stranger things have happened.

    We’ve stomached “representative” politics for long enough, since when did the same apply to biochemistry?

  3. Umm, actually I worked for M.R.E.

    You are right about trust, but I think the point I was making was that at that time, it was engrained into all of us to trust Authority.

    I for one am glad we don’t still blindly trust, especially governments. But then, it was the way we were.

    Incidentally, I have prototyped a page at http://zeltus.eu/mre/index.html about this – I hope it might be of some interest

  4. Mike says:

    Sorry William but, try as I may, I still find the certainty expressed in Sue Ellison’s statement that: ‘there was no danger to public health from these releases’ is at odds with Professor Spratt’s conclusion, which states only that: ‘The releases of bacteria during the Dorset Defence Trials are unlikely to have had health consequences for the vast majority of individuals within the exposed areas of East Dorset and East Devon.’

    And while we’re on the subject, why would she completely ignore another of Professor Spratt’s conclusions ‘There may have been some unquantifiable threat to health for a small number of individuals who had serious underlying disease and were particlarly susceptible to infection’?

    Given the fact that, during my conversation with Professor Spratt in November 1998, he admitted that he had no idea of the numbers of suceptible individuals who were present in the trials area at the time, I feel it is a tad presumptive on your part to assume that this figure was so low as to be of little or no concern.

    In fact, given the fact that repeated exposure to large bacterial aerosols is a known cause of alveolitis (ideopathic pulmonary fibrosis), it is highly likely that the numbers of those at risk from these field trials was much higher than either Prof Spratt or you imagine.

    For my part, if there was a risk of even only one person suffering a pneumonia or sepsis as a result of the Lyme Bay Trials then that is something which should be highlighted, not dismissed as being of little concern.

    I would also point out that, contrary to your assertion that Prof Spratt saw nothing sinister in the MOD failing to give him the relevant info re the 1975 DICE Trials, he was in fact, according to the producer who interviewed him, extremely concerned that vital information about previously unknown BW public area trials had been kept from him.

    This is evident from his use of the word ‘hide’ in his statement to camera:
    “…I think if the MOD is going to go to all the trouble of having an independent report they should show me all the documents. I think just to try and sort of hide them and not even tell me of their existence I think is not a very sensible way to behave.”

    If you’ve had the chance to watch episode two of Top Secrets Revealed, you will have noticed that the 1975 DICE trials were not the only series of public area experiments which were kept back from Prof Spratt’s attention. He also was not informed about the 1968 Chiefs of Staff demonstration trials or the 1950-51 Westwood Trials which repeatedly exposed circa 250 factory workers to massive aerosols of the opportunistic pathogen – Serratia marcescens.

    In the past few years, the further declassification of Porton documents have revealed more and more public area experiments which were kept from Prof Spratt’s eyes, most recently the 1968 Lyme Bay LIDAR Trials.

    So much for the promise of open government!

  5. Mike says:

    Following my recent Freedom of Information request, the MOD have again made Professor Spratt’s ‘INDEPENDENT REVIEW OF THE POSSIBLE HEALTH HAZARDS OF THE LARGE-SCALE RELEASE OF BACTERIA DURING THE DORSET DEFENCE TRIALS’ available for public viewing/download on the main Ministry of Defence website at: http://www.mod.uk/NR/rdonlyres/F97D6966-44C2-421D-B133-BA5CAEA1402D/0/dorset_bacteria_trials.pdf

  6. […] experiments on the public Collected by cultandpaste 00 mins ago from radicalfilms.co.uk // Event.onDOMReady(function() { // sizeText($(‘video_title’), 475); // }) collect this […]

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