The Death Of The Internet, Taxes And The End Of Net Neutrality: This Cannot Be Allowed To Happen ** MUST WATCH

iPower video

Hoax raising genuine concerns?


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  1. Buzz Aldrin says:

    Alex jones is only interested in promoting prison planet doc com and his own self interest. He’s an angry egotist who’s fallen into the trap of believing his own bullshit.

    That video clip is pathetic – the use of a big cleavage in the middle of the intro frame is a cheap shot. It’s cheap attempt to use an emotive subject to generate huge hits.

    You shouldn’t be suckered into this publicity stunt.

    Govt agencies, mainstream news and ISPs are always suggesting radical ideas, some of which suggest radical internet restrictions. This is how debates are thrashed out.

    You cherry pick the most paranoid publications and then extrapolate that it’s going to happen at your peril.

  2. Buzz Aldrin says:

    Check out the quality of their usual youtube posts. Just how credible do you think these jokers are?

    Now you understand why Alex Jones posted a screengrab of their video – rather than a link – he obviously didn’t want people to see the rest of the crud these guys are into.

  3. Buzz Aldrin says:

    Alex Jones credibility under investigation:

  4. Ed says:

    I’ve read these claims before. I did some considerable background research into them about a year or so ago. There could be something in them, though for the most part the accusations are fairly baseless in that they are isolated sentences from a talk show radio presenter who has been broadcasting for many years.

    Irrespective of Jones’ credibility, however, it is the information itself that is of importance. It doesn’t really matter who delivers it (for example, this is the problem with outmoded mainstream attitudes toward media: “it’s on telly, it must be real; it’s not on telly, it didn’t happen”). Jones always cites his sources and provides ample resources for personal investigation into anything he might claim, or claims he may support. It really is down to the individual to do their own research. The age of personality driven media is dead.

    I know quite a lot of background on Mr. Jones and his subjects and I have to say that the article is fairly shallow. Keep looking at his site, though, as – ironically – he’s a prominent researcher (also) in this field.

    I would recommend this website but it seems to be down.

  5. Ed says:

    I e-mailed Mr. Hufscmid. I thought he might know something about the demise of (which I frankly find disturbing, as well as the lack of information regarding it). Mr. Hufscmid appears to think I am a Jew and will not answer my question. He has stated, however, that my evil empire will end in ruins owing to the power of the internet.

    I’m not about to post the e-mails here, but seriously. 😐

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