US Army Special Ops Stealth Suit Caught On Camera? Youtube Down But LiveLeak Video Link Found

The above video is now down but here is a Liveleak video link.

Predator like stealth suit in use in the war in Irak.

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I recived a message from a u.s. officer in irak that has informed me that over 97000 of this active camouflage or adaptive camouflage suites were shipped to Iraq.
Some info concerning this can be seen at :…

It’s exactly 3 minutes in. Chilling stuff.


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4 Responses

  1. bryan says:

    the video is no longer there could you please send it to me.

  2. Ed says:

    Bryan, I can’t find it elsewhere on the web for now. I’ll keep this post up, however, just in case this is a temporary situation. I’d recommend contacting asdeboy at his youtube site, as mentioned in the blurb. Try again in a couple of days. These things happen.

  3. Ed says:

    I’ve now added the liveleak link above as I cannot embed this video for some reason.

    I’ll be hosting this blog elsewhere shortly with new features, I’ll be able to embed more video sources then.


  4. starrynightuk says:

    Do you think it’s more likely to be some quirk of the filming? It’s just that towards the end, getting into the tank, the guy looks like he’s just wearing a t-shirt.

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