Scientology Moves In And Takes Over A Town? Scientology And The Clearwater Police Scandal

Scientology snuck into Clearwater, Florida in 1978 under the assumed name of United Churches. Since then they have come to dominate the small town. I lived in Clearwater for two years, working with a group which was helping people defrauded and abused by Scientology. During this time, police officers started to accept off duty jobs from Scientology. I documented the police officer’s bias during that time. The police department accepted $176,000 a year from Scientology and was called by some “Scientology’s police force.”


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  1. I was in Clearwater in 1998 and I got a good look at what the Scientology crime syndicate has done to Clearwater. What used to be a live, economically viable city is now a dead, crime-filled town, all thanks to Scientology robots walking around town and not paying their fair share of the taxes — and driving real business out of town.

    The insane crime syndicate tried to sneak in to Bowdon, Georgia under a whole slew of fake names, details of which can be found at the web site. The insane criminals threatened the local newspaper which was doing research and had exposed who and what the Scientology people actually were.

    Of particular racketeering criminal actions of note, the insane criminals went door to door pretending to conduct a survey, gathering information on individuals within Bowdon. Talk about organized crime! The insane crime syndicate claimed to be sponsored by a Negro group — I can’t recall the name right now without looking it up, but when the Negro group that Scientology’s ringleaders claimed sanctioned their invasion of Bowden, the Negro group proclaimed that they had no idea what Scientology was doing and did not authorize the use of their group’s name.

    The Scientology crooks had tried to sneak in to Bowdon claiming to have the backing of a group of black ministers, thinking that would appeal to the citizens of Bowdon. It was just another fraudulent lie that Scientology committed designed to rook and swindle money out of the people of Bowdon.

    Now the crime syndicate has a “NarCONon of Georgia” fake front, committing quack medical frauds as is typical of Scientology — but the people of Bowdon fought back and nearly rode the insane crooks out of town on a rail.

  2. Ed says:

    Wow. Thanks for that info. As I get older the world just seems to get crazier and crazier. It amazes me how crime has been portrayed by the media to the general public, and yet how insidious it really is – often within “the system” itself.

    Not entirely relevant to this subject but still on the subject of criminal conspiracy, I’m reading Misha Glenny’s “McMafia”, presently. I can highly recommend it.

    There’s still a lot of money to be made in the criminal underground. We’ve been led to believe this realm has been vanquished from liberal contemporary society like some biblical demon, but in reality it has simply become more insidious than ever; or maybe that’s just naive, I guess it’s just always been this way.

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