Dr. Nick Begich Presentation On The Military Intelligence History Of Mind Control, As Well As A Presentation Of Products Available Today For Positive Health Use


Nick Begich presents the solid science on mind control. It’s academic, military and intelligence history as well as a workshop type presentation on the mind control devices available today for psychological and physiological health. A well researched, very informative presentation.

Dr. Nick Begich is a qualified, informed, and engaging speaker. Highly recommended.


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Global Warming Doomsday Called Off, CBC Documentary

Petition to force Al Gore to debate himself over his lies

A very informative documentary about the real cause of global warming. It clearly discuss about the fact that CO2 is not cause of global warming. Take a look also at the Great Global Warming Swindle and Green House Conspiracy in google video. This documentary discusses many topics that are not covered in the Swindle such as the hockey stick graph, from the viewpoint of Willie Soon and Sallie Baliunas. Very good scientific informations on the subject here: http://www.canada.com/nationalpost/environment/story.html?id=c6a32614-f906-4597-993d-f181196a6d71&k=0 http://infowars.net/articles/august2007/300807Warming.htm TAKE ACTION: Go sign this petition to force Al Gore to debate himself over his lies: http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?agdgw

My emphasis above.

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Cradle to Cradle: A Concept That Is Seen As The Next Industrial Revolution

An inspiring documentary on the Cradle to Cradle design concept of the chemist Michael Braungart and the architect William McDonough. Winner of the Silver Dragon at the Beijing International Science Film Festival 2006. OUTLINE: Man is the only creature that produces landfills. Natural resources are being depleted on a rapid scale while production and consumption are rising in na­tions like China and India. The waste production world wide is enormous and if we do not do anything we will soon have turned all our resources into one big messy landfill. But there is hope. The German chemist, Michael Braungart, and the American designer-architect William McDonough are fundamentally changing the way we produce and build. If waste would become food for the biosphere or the technosphere (all the technical products we make), produc­tion and consumption could become beneficial for the planet. A design and production concept that they call Cradle to Cradle. A concept that is seen as the next industrial revolution. • Design every product in such a way that at the end of its lifecycle the component materials become a new resource. • Design buildings in such a way that they produce energy and become a friend to the environment. Large companies like Ford and Nike are working with McDonough and Braun­gart to change their production facilities and their products. They realize that economically seen waste is destruction of capital. You make something with no value. Based on their ideas the Chinese government is working towards a circular economy where Waste = Food. An amazing story that will definitely change your way of thinking about production and consumption. Director Rob van Hattum Research Gijs Meijer Swantee Production Karin Spiegel en Madeleine Somer Editors in Chief Doke Romeijn en Frank Wiering © VPRO 2006 http://www.vpro.nl/programma/tegenlicht/afleveringen/36632706

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The Great Global Warming Swindle, UK Channel 4 Documentary ** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

If the above is not working, try the clip below…

NOTE: Sadly, this whole version has been taken down but I managed to find the above 10 minute clip. I’m going to leave this link just in case it re-wires at some point (this happens sometimes). Apologies for any disappointment.

Recently cleared by a UK media-watchdog of ‘misleading the public’ (unlike the BBC who were recently fined £400,000 for doing just that; though I’d proffer that faked phone-in competitions are just the tip of the iceberg) on the back of a lawsuit filed by global warming proponents, this film pulls no punches in making it quite clear that global warming is propaganda, not science.

It gravely concerns me that even so-called experts in their field can be so easily decieved by such superficial propaganda efforts that even the most cursory research would uncover.

The information age, it seems, has two sides: certainly that we are surrounded by a plethora of knowledge; but also that we are surrounded by a majority, across all levels of society irrespective of intelligence or economic class, who are so bewildered by it that they are willing to be spoon fed it. Somehow the abundance of information has led many to believe that the lessons of history are no longer important, and that they can trust everything they are told or read.

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Penn & Teller: Solar Activity And The Global Warming Tax Scam? ** WARNING: Profanity

Penn and Teller, self-proclaimed detectives of illusion and reason, say “Bullsh#t!” to global warming social engineers and tax thieves in this wonderfully succinct and clearly explained film.

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W E A R E N O T A L O N E, Public Disclosure To Nick Margerrison of Kerrang Radio From NASA Astronaut Doctor Edgar Mitchell

Dr. Edgar Mitchell announces on Kerrang radio that alien contact has happened and that this has been kept from the public for 60 years or more.

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Transatlantic Media UFO Frenzy Continues: Larry King Show On CNN Hosts Debate Between Retired Airforce Personnel, Bill Nye And SETI Representative ** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Edgar Mitchell, Sixth Man To Walk On Moon, Discloses Information That UFOs And Aliens Are Real

Is official disclosure imminent?

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Earth’s History Plagued By Alien Invasions? Secret Space, Vol.II by British UFO Investigator Chris Everard

Parts 1-4..

A well put together documentary revealing a wide range of evidence that points towards NASA hiding a big secret to mankind “we are not alone and have never been alone” In the past conspiracy theorists have been branded a bad name because the theory most of the time consisted of no evidence and the story would take on all kinds of twist as the conspiracy would circulate through the public like chines whispers. In the past five years due to the rise of the world wide web a lot of conspiracy theories are now being taken serious. Information has become public because of the web, credible evidence is now to the normal person viable, we are able to validate claims made by looking through archives and company websites. Conspiracy theory is no longer “theory” but a evidential conspiracy with credible people revealing secrets within the system. I believe the web is a blueprint to there downfall. I believe its about time we all took a reality check. You don’t need to turn to high up officials giving out small parts of information through the media anymore, all the information is on the Internet

This nicely put together documentary actually gave me the creeps. Highly recommended, especially to those who know nothing about this area of research..

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Britiain’s Closest UFO Encounters

Documentary series examining the most astonishing and baffling UFO stories from around the UK. In 1974, locals near the Berwyn mountain range in Wales experienced an earthquake and reported seeing green lights in the sky. In an incident that would become known as the ‘Welsh Roswell’, some claimed that a UFO crashed into the mountain and that the government tried to cover up the truth. Originally aired on Channel 5 Television (UK) on Wednesday 2nd July, 2008

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1932, A True History Of The United States

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LaRouchePAC Presents: 1932
To Govern a Republic, One Must Know the Minds That Created It.
“…while a nation goes speculation crazy the people neglect to think of fundamental principles.”
These were the words of Franklin Roosevelt in the months leading into the Democratic National Convention of 1932. Roosevelt knew that the fight for the United States Presidency was not simply a game of political machines and punditry, but that this coming fight demanded a leader who understood the historic enemy of the United States and the founding principles of the nation.

Download a high quality version at http://www.larouchepac.com
LaRouchePAC plans to distribute tens of thousands of copies of this DVD freely to the population, contact us if you would like to help in any way.
Donate at: http://donate.larouchepac.com
Please watch the entire film before you comment. Thanks.“

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