This Is What A Police State Looks Like

the Police attacked the crowd with chemical weapons without provocation or reason. They use video footage from the Police cameras themselves to demonstrate the point that the Police indeed incite riots and ATTACK crowds for no reason.

I was at an anti-nazi rally in Welling, South London, in 1994. It was infiltrated by anarchists and nazis and, possibly, even plain clothes police. Needless to say, it errupted in violence. As journalism students, myself and my two colleagues at the time managed to capture the very first incident on tape. It was between the police chief and a masked protestor. Who knows who the masked guys was? Theoretically it could have been a set up but I don’t think the police were that sophisticated in those days (though I’m probably being naive, we were bottlenecked in an artificial cul-de-sac by hundreds, row upon row, of fully tooled-up riot police: the mainstream press lining the garage rooves and local buildings, with their ‘diplomatic immunity’ press-passes swinging around their necks [this means you’re allowed behind polices lines for protection but the police can reclaim any footage anytime they like, which in this case they did], all kitted out ready for the fight). The police chief reached out and pulled the mask away from the face of the protestor (tut-tut, silly boy), who then immediately retaliated with a swinging fist which barely made a connection as far as I recall. Then all hell broke loose. It was like watching a forest fire spread in high wind. We caught it all on tape (one of us precariously perched in a tree while the other two defended him from being pulled out of it by various groups and individuals who thought we were cops, MI5, among other things). The one thing that really pissed me off after the whole spectacle – I’d seen unconscious bloody women being carried over fences, I’d been threatened by gangs of kids with knives, photographed incessantly by police (being of particular interest to them because we were pretty much the only ones with a video camera in those days), and watched horses gallop full pelt with armoured police swinging batons into innocent crowds – the thing that really pissed me off was walking out of there and seeing some little goth-guy pedalling some underground socialist rag mag with the words “police start riot” plastered all over the front page. The whole thing was barely even over. Those ####s weren’t even there. They’d just printed a run the night before and started distributing it pre-mortem. I had a sunlamp and a battery belt on me at the time that I very nearly swung at the guy. I’m not saying the police were blameless or that their heavy handed tactics justified, but I’ve seen first hand that the “underground” media play the same goddamn fucking tricks as the big guys some times. Be aware. Trust no-one.


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