Earth’s History Plagued By Alien Invasions? Secret Space, Vol.II by British UFO Investigator Chris Everard

Parts 1-4..

A well put together documentary revealing a wide range of evidence that points towards NASA hiding a big secret to mankind “we are not alone and have never been alone” In the past conspiracy theorists have been branded a bad name because the theory most of the time consisted of no evidence and the story would take on all kinds of twist as the conspiracy would circulate through the public like chines whispers. In the past five years due to the rise of the world wide web a lot of conspiracy theories are now being taken serious. Information has become public because of the web, credible evidence is now to the normal person viable, we are able to validate claims made by looking through archives and company websites. Conspiracy theory is no longer “theory” but a evidential conspiracy with credible people revealing secrets within the system. I believe the web is a blueprint to there downfall. I believe its about time we all took a reality check. You don’t need to turn to high up officials giving out small parts of information through the media anymore, all the information is on the Internet

This nicely put together documentary actually gave me the creeps. Highly recommended, especially to those who know nothing about this area of research..


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8 Responses

  1. J says:

    alas part 3 does not work ?? Was great up untill that !

  2. Ed says:

    Sorry J, but it works fine from here. Try again…

  3. J says:

    ahhh It wouldnt buffer the last couple of days I tried it but today it works again, how strange….maybe somone doesnt want me to see it hehe.

  4. J says:

    I found the documentary as ‘far out’ as it gets. I have read some Eric von Daniken stuff and there is alot of ancient evidence of UFOs and Aliens. However implying the war on Iraq is down to the illuminati trying to wipe out any evidence of reptillian control is hard to swallow. This is still a great film and indeed creepy thanks to its uber dark soundtrack of shrilling strings and satanic choirs, weather or not this is based on truth or the work of a deeply paranoid nut case is yet to be proven.

  5. Ed says:

    I’d agree with you there, J, it is a stretch. It’s the first aspect of the film, however, that I found disturbing. Being familiar with Von Daniken et al, also, I think the final nail in the creepy coffin, for me, was the affirmation of all this evidence. It really does appear to be inarguable. I’m sure somebody like Bill Nye could smirk and sneer their way through the content ad infinitum, but there’s something about this alternative perspective on history that just seems to make sense. More sense, that is, than us floating alone and disconnected in a veritable ocean of stars where skeptical nihilistic existentialists would have us believe the only things we can truly rely on are Pythagorus’ theorum, the BBC, rocks, and a subscription to National Geographic.

    The most apt response I can think of to that kind of unresearched, negative universal minimalism is “bollocks.” Perhaps with an “F off” thrown in afterwards, for good measure.

  6. J says:

    Well Im watching the other film I found by the same director, Secret.Space – Illuminati Conquest of Space,
    have u seen that ?. Im really interested in researching Sumerian history after watching this stuff …..great site by the way.

  7. Ed says:

    I’ve seen the first one, yes, some time ago. I believe it may even be on here somewhere. If you come across any good resources on Sumerian history please don’t be shy to post them here: they will be appreciated as links in comments do get a lot of clicks.

    RE: the site. Thanks, but really I’d show your appreciation to the film makers and the amazing people and things these films are about, if anywhere. Enjoy 🙂

  8. Jack says:

    Tss anyone know’s where can i get this soundtrack?being searching everywhere on the web,can’t find it,and its a shame,it’s a awesome piece of music.if you could tell me i would be reallllyyy apreciated xD
    thanks and peace

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