Dr. Nick Begich Presentation On The Military Intelligence History Of Mind Control, As Well As A Presentation Of Products Available Today For Positive Health Use


Nick Begich presents the solid science on mind control. It’s academic, military and intelligence history as well as a workshop type presentation on the mind control devices available today for psychological and physiological health. A well researched, very informative presentation.

Dr. Nick Begich is a qualified, informed, and engaging speaker. Highly recommended.


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5 Responses

  1. J says:

    I really like this guy…. great lecture.

  2. This film posting is a violation of my copyrights. Whoever controls this site needs to contact me at once and remove this from publication. Producing books and video material is how I make my living and pursue my research. Without this source of income I cannot continue in this kind of research.

  3. Ed says:

    At radicalfilms.co.uk I provide links to material that is available through google video and youtube.

    As far as I am aware it is not illegal to link to videos available on the internet. Which ones are copyrighted and which ones are given freely, I’m afraid I am more often than not unable to ascertain.

    If the above commenter is indeed Dr. Nick Begich: Sir, I would suggest you contact google and have the video removed for violation of copyright. This would immediately correct the issue globally. Complaining about this site is effectively shooting the messenger, I’m afraid.

    You could also put a direct complaint to wordpress.com, whose servers host this site. Please be my guest: I have no intention to upset or aggravate anyone, particularly not researchers and film makers like yourself.

    It is my aim to promote yours and others’ work. Bear in mind, also, I make no money from this site. It’s just a hobby; I like documentaries.

    NB: Any further comments from ‘Dr. Nick Begich’, be he sincere or otherwise, will be removed as I would expect this issue to be handled correctly and in effective fashion, forthwith. I am not arguing with you, whoever you are, I am merely suggesting a effective and relevant course of action to ensure non-violation of copyright. If you are who you claim to be, this should very shortly no longer be an issue. Once the video link is dead, the post will be removed.

  4. Mike says:

    I doubt that was Dr. Begich in that reply. I would think the real Dr. Begich would know where to go and what to do about copyrighted materials. More likely a Fed trying to get Dr. Begich’s video’s off this and other sites. They don’t like it when people like Dr. Begich tell to much truth about these topics.

  5. Ed says:


    This is what I thought. I think I may contact Dr. Begich directly just to clear this up. It would be interesting to know and could be a clear case of what you mentioned. Thanks for the comment.

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