The Great Global Warming Swindle, UK Channel 4 Documentary ** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

If the above is not working, try the clip below…

NOTE: Sadly, this whole version has been taken down but I managed to find the above 10 minute clip. I’m going to leave this link just in case it re-wires at some point (this happens sometimes). Apologies for any disappointment.

Recently cleared by a UK media-watchdog of ‘misleading the public’ (unlike the BBC who were recently fined £400,000 for doing just that; though I’d proffer that faked phone-in competitions are just the tip of the iceberg) on the back of a lawsuit filed by global warming proponents, this film pulls no punches in making it quite clear that global warming is propaganda, not science.

It gravely concerns me that even so-called experts in their field can be so easily decieved by such superficial propaganda efforts that even the most cursory research would uncover.

The information age, it seems, has two sides: certainly that we are surrounded by a plethora of knowledge; but also that we are surrounded by a majority, across all levels of society irrespective of intelligence or economic class, who are so bewildered by it that they are willing to be spoon fed it. Somehow the abundance of information has led many to believe that the lessons of history are no longer important, and that they can trust everything they are told or read.


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  1. nightowl says:

    This doesn’t play anymore.

  2. Ed says:

    Thanks for the heads-up, nightowl. I’ll keep a look out for another version…

  3. Kurt Paul says:

    The Great Global Warming Swindle should not be held up as a great example of documentary film-making.

    I urge you to read this article by the journalist George Monbiot where he shows and lists references to the untruths it uses as “evidence”.

    For example:
    It would require a book to catalogue all the distortions and fabrications The Great Global Warming Swindle is alleged to have included. A complaint by a team of senior scientists – the first peer-reviewed submission ever made to Ofcom – runs to 188 pages(9). Not only did the film inflate credentials of some of the contributors; some of them appear to have been made up altogether. The climate sceptic Tim Ball, for example, was said to be a professor at the Department of Climatology in the University of Winnipeg. There is no such department and he has not held a professorship since he retired in 1996. Philip Stott, the programme claimed, is a professor at the Department of Biogeography, University of London. While he was once a Professor of Biogeography, there was no such department, and Stott retired some time ago, becoming professor emeritus. Piers Corbyn was given a doctorate he does not possess and described as a “climate forecaster”. He is in fact a weather forecaster – a very different matter – and has published no peer-reviewed papers on either topic since 1986(10). Fred Singer is said to have been the director of the US National Weather Service. In reality he was Director of the US National Weather Satellite Center.

    Here’s the link to Monbiot’s article:


  4. Ed says:

    I repeat, the ofcom body did not find the film purposely misleading. Look further into the relationship between ‘scientific’ research and enquiry, and corporate interests.

    As for Monbiot: look up the phrase ‘left gatekeeper’.

    In my opinion, the man is a terrible journalist of horrifying proportions. If you don’t understand why then I’d suggest you look further into the global warming issue (there are a few other films here on the site about it: the Penn & Teller ‘Bullshit’ episode is a good primer), and then research the 911 terrorist attacks (try here and

    You’ll find there’s an awful lot of vitally important information that Monbiot prefers to ignore in his pursuit of media happiness.

    Considering this information, the man is ignorant and arrogant; he uses his political station irresponsibly and without regard. No sensible, scientific and winnable debate requires the sidelining of important information, gross generalisation or verbal abuse (it’s easy for the guy on stage with the microphone). I think that those that behave like a child usually have a level of understanding not dissimilar. While the subjects he has championed throughout his ‘esteemed’ career should not be ignored, he, in my opinion, should. With air-raid sirens on.

  5. Kurt Paul says:

    This isn’t about Monbiot. It’s simple – the documentary contains untruths. Some of them are listed in the text I copied above – very basic errors. With this in mind, how can the more ‘advanced’ points it presents be trusted?

    And as for Ofcom – they CANNOT rule or take action on the accuracy of anything other than news programs. It is not as you claim that they did not FIND anything inaccurate in the program. Again, see the list above.

    Here’s the report, see page 6:

    And linking the documentary and the argument it presents to other topics is totally irrelevant.

    When examining evidence, surely we must all subject it to the highest level of scrutiny. Let’s drop our predilections and prejudices and deal in straightforward facts.

    Bandying about phrases like “Left-wing gatekeeper” are entirely useless.

  6. Kurt Paul says:

    I should have said – see page 14 of the Ofcom report which states:

    “Ofcom is required by the 2003 act to set standards to ensure that news programmes are reported with “due accuracy” there is no such requirement for other types of programming, including factual programmes of this type”

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