Batman Movie, The Dark Knight, Bush Administration Propaganda?

I saw this last week and while I enjoyed it I could not help draw the same paralells this CNN journalist does. I’m relieved it isn’t just me. This film is a masterclass in government propaganda, right down to the point where Batman (read Bush) accepts the his villification in the eyes of the public for the greater-purpose of defeating terror. It’s quite sickening, really.


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  1. J says:

    The terrorist/ joker parallel is undeniable and I thought about this before seeing this report. I too thought it was just my paranoia. I do think this is more to do with the nature of good and evil and its pretty easy to through Bush into any scenario of good vs evil. Whats more concerning to me is the Joker use of Knifes and the 12A certificate. With britains current knife media frenzy Im stunned at the f*ck-wit that gave this movie a 12A. I can take a three year old kid with me to watch this film ……

  2. J says:

    oh and The Dark Knight is pretty much setting the stage for Batman vs Superman which has been lisenced

  3. Ed says:

    It was the distinct use of mobile phones and eavesdropping that did it for me. I’ve even read somewhere, sometime ago now, that some mobile phones can be activated (and listened in on) even when switched off. Even tech-savvy people I spoke to about this considered it implausible and yet all it would require is a diode reciever/transmitter and a miniscule battery: hell, even a capacitor could power it. Considering how far technology has come and the lack of knowledge we have about exactly what is being used in our phones these days (I mean check out the iPhone, duh?) we’ve genuinely no idea what is possible.

  4. justice says:

    Shheeesh people, its not the first time movies have been used to twist things and hammer messages into our minds, that has been going on for decades! DECADES, popular since 1930’s just post the war – in fact, during the Paris Peace Treaty. It’s one of the most powerful practises ever used. Try taking a peek at the makers of these movies and their affiliates. Then ponder why popular actors/actresses are used to sell us crap like consolidated loans, perfumes, makeup, cars.Its all corporate crap based on psychology, first conceived by Sigmund Freud and his nephew Edward Bernays. Their first venture was to get women SMOKING, which was so successful (using actresses and socialites) Bernays became the ultimate power in NY. Once joined with Rockerfeller, they set up the infamous Council on Public (aka Foreign) Relations – ‘propaganda for peace’ and the rest is history. In a B.B.C. documentary, The Century of the Self, (gootube) Bernays gloats on how easy it is to manipulate the human mind. Thus he set about doing so for some of the biggest corporations in the world. Media, being a challenge, was over come by purchasing all the media houses they could. Once you have seen that video, you will never consider movies, adverts, magazines, papers or corporations, in the same way ever again. Hopefully!

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