Wal-Mart: Corporate Slavery And Tax-Purse Theft ** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

When are these kinds of organisations going to be stopped? It’s f—-ing disgusting. And who are these Nazi’s that work in middle/higher management? They should be brought to task by the law, irrespective of whether they are “just doing their job”: they have a moral and lawful responsibility to refuse to engage in illegal and unethical behaviour. Get another job you retarded vampires. This is corporate fraud on a MASSIVE scale and it is completely exposed so why is no-one doing anything about it? Stop shopping there!


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2 Responses

  1. sandworm says:

    Absolutely right, stop shopping there, I have not been to a Wal-mart in over 5 years…

    Their low prices are not enough to lure me in and put up with the nightmare of one of their parking lots alone…

  2. Pam says:

    USA belongs to corporate America… we are their slaves.

    The politicians sold USA to them long ago.

    When you file a case against a corporation 95% of the time you lose, because all the laws we have are in their favor.

    Nowadays all who work for a corporation have to do the job of at least three other people for cost savings purposes, and as all the jobs are “At Will” we are fried.

    As I said we belong to the Corporations and they can do whatever they want to us, because the USA government is not for the people but for the corporations.

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