How Obama Got Elected… Interviews With Obama Voters

I’m not sure this is an adequate or fair representation across the board. However, it does reflect my experience here in the UK. Whenever I spoke to people about the US nominee’s, they knew little or nothing about them. Having personally read a fair amount about Mr. Obama, his policies, the people he associates with politically (even socially), and having watched some aspects of his campaign with scrutiny, I had a very different view of him than my – apparently – less informed peers. The difference between myself and them was this: our faith in the man and what he represented was inversely proportionate to the amount of knowledge we had about him, his campaign, or his policies. I find this terrifying.


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  1. Elijah West says:

    Woah, Amazing. Pretty sad.
    However some of thosse questions a lot of folks wouldn’t be able to answer. The “57 states” bit for instance was something that was on the Internet but, as far as I know, didn’t get a lot of play except for right wing radio maybe.
    The other thing I’d like to mention is that you choose at random just as ignorant group of republicans.

    I voted 3rd party

  2. Ed says:

    I’d agree, Elijah. However, I’d say the point, really, isn’t a democrat/republican debate. It’s more about the state of the US media, the culture of Its politics, and the education of Its people. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen elsewhere, just that the US is a pretty fine example of this problem.

    Anyway, this is a totally subjective viewpoint. From where the politician’s and big business stand, everything looks just groovy.

    If anyone thinks that’s a gross generalisation then I’d like to see the politicians that haven’t been bought-out stand up. To my memory, in British politics, the last man to do this was Paddy Ashdown during an election (the year I forget) when he stated his parties election manifesto as “raising taxes by a penny in the pound to pay for education and the health service” and “to change the culture of politics”. He lost the election, despite my vote. He shortly thereafter stood down. An ex-military man, too. I can’t say for certain but I don’t think he’d have sent any young men to war so eagerly.

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