Cell Phones Can And Are Being Used As Bugs ** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Being a coder I found this obvious some time ago. For some reason it isn’t obvious to all coders, though.

So what about these embedded web cams in laptop screens? And what are all these extra Gigbabytes of code in the new windows operating systems when they’re barely different from their predecessors and still as buggy (are we lower on the customer satisfaction list here?). Takes the name “Windows” to a whole new level, doesn’t it…


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  1. J says:

    Alot of people will scream tin foil hats at the mere suggestion…Ignorance is indeed bliss.

  2. Michael Hannon says:

    Many people in the Netherlands have been using cell phones as “hidden microphones” for at least a decade.
    Many even have a dedicated phone line hooked up to
    an answering machine set to “record.” I was amazed when I first saw what they were doing. So ANY conversation you have in Holland with anyone Dutch, on a train, in a cafe’, or whatever, could be being recorded. I am not kidding, and I should know – I lived there for over 3 years, and have had several Dutch people actually ask me to take out my cell phone and show them that it was shut off before they would converse with me, and they would do the same, with both of our phones then put on the table in front of us. Some even do it just for fun, and have been doing this for quite some time.

  3. Amarillo says:

    Nothing new here! Big Brother is watching us and has been doing so for many years. Total enslavement is just around the corner.

    Though you are always free to put your head in the sand…

  4. Freedom says:

    It’s not just phones, either. Search for “Reader Reports Finding Micro Cameras” and check out the first hit.

    Ignorance may be bliss, but the truth will set you free.

  5. Bob says:

    Notice how fewer and fewer people are accusing the truth movement people of wearing tinfoil hats as the truth about government spying is revealed, as more cameras go up and as their liberties further erode?

  6. ddearborn says:

    Since when does a minaturized bug need full sized cell phone batteries to run? This video is full of mis-information and out right lies.

  7. […] Video: The Lies – Do You Trust What The Media Tells You? ] [ Cell Phones Can & Are Being Used As Bugs ] [ Barack Obama Orders Air Strikes On Pakistan ] [ McCain Now Obama’s Top Senate Ally (Surprise […]

  8. John says:

    They have the capability to triangulate position as well. They can always find out where you are even without GPS in the phone.
    This was supposed to be to allow emergency services to locate a phone used to make an emergency call, if the person didn’t know where they were.
    It’s not very well known that this capability exists. Why aren’t we all told about this?

  9. SpookBuster says:

    They can also listen through a cellphone that is turned off. The only sure way to prevent that and the cellphone from being used to locate you is to take the battery out.

  10. eric says:

    got news for you all the cell phone can be off and the FBI and CIA can still listen through the speaker ! you have to remove the battery . and yes it can track you within 3 houses distance ! also the FCC can pinpoint you when you key any mike on any transformer and you know what else ET’s can come through portals that open in certain places at certain times and this is fact and they do ! oh there is so much more but I could get in trouble ! haha

  11. Ed says:

    What about the webcam installed in your laptop screen? But it’s okay, because the little red light will come on… Won’t it.

  12. Latigo says:

    Just turning the cell phone off doesn’t guarantee privacy. Many execs remove the batteries from their cell phone before entering confidential meetings.
    E-911 services triangulate your location based on signal strength and location, you can be pinpointed to within 20 feet. Great if you are disabled, not so good if the technology is abused by tyrants.

  13. alex bell says:

    Cell tel? put yr cell in a….metal cndy box
    Use another phone to call it. WIll it ring?

  14. Ted Bagg says:

    There’s a famous story that the US embassy to the USSR was bugged early in the Cold War by the Soviets using a passive device (designed by the famous Theremin) powered by external transmissions.

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