Ibogaine, Rite Of Passage: The Most Promising Treatment For Drug Dependance Available?

“A Revealing documentary about the most promising treatment modality for drug dependance available. It is the only substance we know, which is capable of blocking acute withdrawal in opioid addicts as well as cocaine and alcohol. Although the FDA decided in 1993 that Ibogaine showed enough signs of being an effective tool in the treatment of addiction, money is the problem; this natural occuring molecule cannot be patented and is not a maintenance drug with addictive properties; reason for the pharmaceutical industry not to invest in its development… Educate yourself about this unique tool! Our vision of saving the many lives of people with a chemical dependence is only as strong as the people who support us: Please visit http://www.ibogainefilm.com and take action!”

Being a big William Burroughs fan I’ve been made well aware of the problems of addiction. I saw a British documentary on the use of Ibogaine a few years ago and was astonished by what I witnessed on screen: the apparent ‘turning around’ of a Heroin addict within fourty-eight hours (the approximate lifespan of the drugs effect).


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  1. Lisa says:

    Education is key to understanding the disease of addiction. I constantly research to try to make suggestions to people in active addiction. Another good informational site is http://www.addictiontratment-helpline.com.
    “Naked Lunch” is indeed a perversely classic book!

  2. Ed says:

    A classic, indeed. The Place of Dead Roads and Western Lands are my favourites, though.

    Thanks for the link.

  3. […] and Drug Dependence Therapy Collected by cultandpaste 00 mins ago from radicalfilms.co.uk // Event.onDOMReady(function() { // sizeText($(‘video_title’), 475); // }) collect this […]

  4. ava says:

    stigma does exist for drug addicts.they are treated like the scum of the earth.this is an important film and an important way of to escape the horror of withdrawel.people die in withdrawel,and for those who know better you would rather jump out of a plane than go through it.i love that man who saved his daughter.

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