Discoverer Of Fractal Geometry Believes We Are Heading For A Cultural, Economic, and Political Upheaval

I love Mandelbrot’s work. He’s had quite a big influence on me. Here, though, I wonder just exactly what is going on. And I’m not quite sure why…


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  1. J says:

    really interesting clip. System is failing, how badly ? Well banks just got there second bail out and wheres the money going ? Im so mad about it Ive just abandodned a bank account full of debt, fuck them, I never want another penny from them and after deep investigation Ive discovered its my siganture that generates the credit in the first place, If people didnt borrow the money it doest come into exsistance ! read this

  2. Ed says:

    From what I’ve heard the whole bank thing is a reverse buy-out. The banks aren’t being nationalised as we think of it, they’re actually buying out the governments.

    For example, Iceland was sold out by its now-deposed conservative leadership through bank bail-outs. They essentially had to borrow from the IMF to keep their markets ‘afloat’. Who runs the IMF? You guessed it. The banks.

    Often what we read in the media as meaning ‘us’ (for example, “Home owners” are not people, they’re banks) is really legalese for ‘them’ and so often our general idea of what is going on is in total reverse.

    Watch “Freedom to Fascism” and “The Money Masters” (type into the search). Then just keep reading. It’s need to know.

  3. Rachel says:

    Fearmongering! What a crap interview — every granny knows more about money than these losers do.

    Our monetary system is not too complicated to explain or predict at all. Telling people this is too dangerous or too complicated only intimidates them to accept idiotic measures like bailouts.

    There are alternatives out there.

  4. B says:

    While Mandelbrot is a smart man, I don’t think that he has enough experience with economics to be commenting about future economic disasters. The one thing that drives me nuts is people who seriously believe that conspiracy theories are everywhere. Then use their “existence” to refute their personal responsibilities. Like the link to the book under J’s link. I willingly admit that government and big business is not perfect. There is lots of room for improvement.

    Rachel said things most perfectly when saying that every granny knows more about money than these losers do. That is because those grannies have learned through experience that the only way to improve one’s financial lot is to take personal responsibility. Usually this is very hard, but by taking that responsibility those people are able to develop respect. And respect is something that one cannot gain by just flat out denying one’s responsibilities. Because it is with respect that eventually the quality of dignity comes.

    I would rather learn to take my responsibilities and work with my bank to pay off my debt. Like I said earlier it is not easy doing this, but with time I believe creditors will recognize my efforts to take responsibility. Then, I believe, they will be more willing to find ways to work with me. There is one thing that nobody can take away from me, and that is my responsibility, my self respect, and my dignity.

  5. […] Mandelbrot and the Economy Collected by cultandpaste 00 mins ago from // Event.onDOMReady(function() { // sizeText($(‘video_title’), 475); // }) collect this […]

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