Globe Runs “Michelle Breaks Down Over Obama Gay Scandal” Story: Then Their Servers Mysteriously Go Down

Obama Gay Scandal

UPDATE! still unavailable in UK, Portugal, and New Zealand (confirmed).

UPDATE! Please note: this appears to be a UK only issue. My apologies for unknowingly misleading US readers. If you’re not based in the US, please try the links and report back in the comments section.

UPDATE! Three days and still “no news”. In fact, seem to be the only ones talking about it. The Globe and The National Enquirer, among others, are run by American Media Inc (AM Inc). In fact, the Globe is a recent purchase. Here’s the wiki-page for it. The only link I can find is that of Roger Altman – former Deputy Secretary of the US Treasury, former Hilary-camp big-hitter, former advisor to John Kerry, and Graduate of The University Of Chicago Business School – who bought a controlling stake in AM Inc. in 1999.

Seems Altman has a hot and cold relationship with Obama, however, once being in the line up for Treasurer under Obama, and other times slinging mud at the new US President with the formidable tabloid vehicles The Globe and The Enquirer. Perhaps all that bailout money has finally started talking to EVERYBODY. Bush bought out the Senate, looks like Obama is trying to buy out the entire country (with It’s own money?!).

UPDATE! 10:31am – Read the google cache page here. Incendiary stuff.

How mysterious, indeed. Check this google search link and then try clicking on the links at the top of the page. Nothing. It’s been like this for 48 hours, now.

Larry Sinclair is determined to publish his book, alleging Obama’s drug habits as well as homosexual activity (among other allegations of involvement in fraud and murder), despite consistent threats. One publisher, Aadvark Global Publishing, has received a constant stream of threats regarding the publication, currently pegged at #43 on the pre-order best-selling list at Barnes&

So what is going on? When will the site be back up? Will the article ever see the light of day? Will it hit the newspaper stands at all or has it already? Difficult to tell here in the UK. Is this damage control being meted out by Federal Operatives? Is this the future of information on the global internet? That is, if you have enough power you can simply take down an entire organisations website to prevent information leakage? Can we now confirm, for once and for all, that there exists Quasi-Federal/Corporate dominance over our media and information infrastructures? Where can this lead? I think we know.

Check these links regularly or try to get at all. One can only imagine the current media furore going on behind closed doors.


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33 Responses


    the servers at national enquirer have gone down also.

  2. larry sucked obama’s Big Black Dick, and now he need to just SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT !!!

    • american says:

      hey rahm, why dont you and all the other scumbag dual citizenship zionist gypsy cocksuckers get the fuck out my country before we come find you adn hang you from a lamp-post. you and your country are nothing but gypsy/fraud/thieves, youtr cuntry would be nothing with out all the illegal subsidies from the u.s, the arms that have been stolen, and the land you illegally occupy, which was stolen from sephardic judens and palestinians. you, your kind and the state of israhell are soon to
      be presented with the wrath of all humanity against you for the limitless war crimes committed against humanity.

      • Sovereign Citizen says:

        yeah american! you tell that zionists power mongering piece of zionist waste how it is! well put, you have done your homework and see through zionists’ lies against humanity. zionists and jews are probably the reptilians who have the NWO agenda for centuries. they want to conquer all races. so they must be stomped out or else we all will be.

  3. Jeanette says:

    I’ve followed this story since I heard Larry Sinclair interviewed by Jeff Rense at, and find him very credible. If there is nothing to this story why has Mr. Sinclair been constantly harrassed, threatened and arrested etc. since he went public with this story, by the hoardes of Obots?!Why was Mr. Young, a good “friend” of barky’s murdered? Why has the Chicago police dept. REFUSED to investigate this murder? Why have Mr. Sinclair’s various publishers been harrassed and threatened by the Obots, if there’s nothing to his allegations?! Just a few questions for your consideration.

  4. Think 4 Yourself says:

    This only gives credence to the story against Obama. Obama shoud sue Larry Sinclair and the fact that he has not only shows that there is a chance that our President is a Crack Smoking Pole Polisher.

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  6. DH says:

    Globe Magazine server up 0649 UT4 (GMT)

  7. tmb says:

    Obama has a been known to be “on the down low” in Chicago for years, probably arranged marreage. Totally controlled by Zionists. Wife’s cousin is most powerful black Rabbi in the world – – ever hear about it in our Jewish owned Mainstream Press. Time for the Goyim to wake up.

  8. Ed says:

    Does anyone know anything more about this? Can they contact the globe and find out what’s going on? This is a frightening display of power and control if that’s what it is..

  9. Clayton Jones says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, it looks to me as though the old adage, “What goes around comes around,” is in play. Obama is reaping the fruits of his labors. Good luck Larry you’re going to need all the luck you can get! You’re f_ _king with the Big Kids and they play for keeps. Ugh! Good day.

  10. Alex Jones reveals how Obama is a creature bought and paid for by the New World Order: a puppet controlled by Wall Street, the secretive Bilderberg Group and the Federal Reserve. Jones exposes how Obama’s policies are the continuation of the globalist policies carried out under the George Bush, Clinton, and Bush Senior administrations.

    Visit The Obama Deception website, where you will find a high quality trailer this powerful documentary as well as numerous links to articles exposing the real agenda behind Obama’s actions, which are taken at the behest of the New World Order. Please help spread the word about this vitally important new film to everyone you know, no matter whether they consider themselves to be Democrat, Republican, Independent or something else. Make sure as many people see this film as possible, before it’s too late.

  11. Mrs. Know-It-All says:

    Considering that Rahm Emmanuel used to be a ballet dancer… there are all kinds of poles available for Obasma in the White House. Sorry to be so crude. I am also interested in the new book about the “Franklin Cover-Up”. Back when Obasma was starting out in Chicago after grad school, just an hour’s drive away, a very successful BLACK political fundraiser (albeit for the Republicans, as if that matters) was the kingpin in arranging pedophile liaisons between Washington elite and orphans at Boys Town in Nebraska, as well as kidnappings for ‘special orders’. I don’t think it is a stretch at all to wonder if we can connect the dots to a young, depraved Obasma. This scandal will get bigger and bigger. It already has legs.

  12. SpookBuster says:

    There were three homosexuals in Obama’s “church” who were shot to death within 40 days of his declaring his candidacy. None of their murders were solved

    A bigger scandal is that Sen. Obama went to Kenya in 2005 to campaign for his communist cousin, R. Odinga. When Odinga lost the race for president, fair and square, he incited his followers, who then killed 1,000 Christians and burned 800 churches. Emails to Obama’s office prove that he was aware of the planned violence, but did nothing to stop it. To quell the violence, Kenya created the position of Prime Minister for Odinga. He used that power to block proof from coming to light that Obama was born in Kenya and is not eligible to be president under the U.S. Constitution.

    Obama’s red roots run deep. His surrogate father, Frank Davis, an admitted bisexual pedophile, was a member of the Communist Party USA. Obama was recommended to Harvard Law by Saul Alinsky, an infamous communist. Obama began his political career in the living room of his good friend, the convicted communist terrorist William Ayers. Ayers founded the Weather Underground and planned to kill 10% of Americans and send most of the rest through reeducation camps (the FEMA camps?). Now Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, also a marxist, just gave China the right to seize U.S. property if the U.S. defaults on it’s debts to China (see “U.S. Gives China Eminent Domain Over US Property”, posted 2/28/09.) Also read the article attached to that article, “China Speaks”, in which the Chinese Defense Minister says that they plan to use biological weapons against the US and Canada in order to gain “living space.”

    • Jeanette says:

      Spook, there’s evidence that Davis is barky’s real father, that his mother was actually bred to him when she was underage and that obama the elder made a deal for many perks to “take the rap”.Why would obama the elder years later return to the US to have his name removed from the record as father?

  13. karmakaze says:

    Why am I not surprised that a story about a story about a liar is full of its own lies?

    It is there, despite what these retards are saying. And before anybody claims that the site has only just come up, look at the actual page or the google cache page and look at the dates of the comments. There are comments posted on the 24th, 25th and 26th.

    So obviously the site WASNT down during ANY of the supposed 48 hour period.

    Sorry pal, but if you will lie about this, you will lie about anything. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    ** MODERATION NOTE: rude, spiteful comments will not be tolterated, next time I’ll just remove the entire post **

    • Ed says:

      From here in the UK I am still receiving a 404 error and the home page is ‘unavailable/page under construction’.

      As regards there being comments posted on the 24th, 25th, and 26th: your comment is dated the 28th. That would be 48 hours, 2 days, the 27th and 28th, without comments. This would presumably owe to the Globe website being unavailable (from the UK at least).

      I wouldn’t, personally, toss the term retard around too hastily. It isn’t polite and tends to suggest you don’t have a sufficiently valid argument.

      • Letha says:

        You are exactly right. Both sides should be
        able to make valid arguments without the
        ridicule and name calling.

        What we have to do is ask ourselves “what are
        the facts in this scandal?” Unless the
        President admits to the allegations, or
        you have a video of these actions, we should
        not be so quick to accuse the President of
        any wrong-doing.

      • kerry murphy says:

        the home page is unavailable from new zealand

  14. “There were three homosexuals in Obama’s ‘church’ who were shot to death within 40 days of his declaring his candidacy. None of their murders were solved…”

    “This scandal will get bigger and bigger. It already has legs…”

    “Totally controlled by Zionists… Time for the Goyim to wake up.”


    I see that the Whackjob Express is just about ready to leave the station (again). All aboard!

  15. […] Globe Runs “Michelle Breaks Down Over Obama Gay Scandal” Story: Then Their Servers Myst… UPDATE! Three days and still “no news”. In fact, seem to be the only ones talking […] […]

  16. xolotl says:

    “Larry Sinclair is determined to publish his book, alleging Obama’s drug habits as well as homosexual activity (among other allegations of involvement in fraud and murder), despite consistent threats.”


    More importantly, why are you even interested in Obama’s sexual proclivities? Do they have anything to do with his ability to govern?


    There is no cause to be making baseless allegations. Archness is a filthy substitute for the truth. Stick to what you can demonstrate, please. Otherwise you will merely waste your readers’ time.

    ** MODERATION NOTE: rude, spiteful comments – particularly personal ones directed at myself or my girlfriend (classy move there, “xolotl”) – will not be tolterated, next time I’ll just not allow the comment through **

    • Ed says:

      Inaccurate and hypocritical pedantism, personal insults, a threatening manner, and shooting the messenger will get you everywhere these days..

  17. disgusted says:

    Another bisexual Rahm in the White House – too close for comfort.All this rumour of Obama being gay generating uneasiness amongst the god-faring citizens of America. Where are those ‘other’ women in Obama life before Michelle? Surely there must be one or two who dated Obama.

  18. JWA says:

    I’ve been following this “story” since February, when Sinclair first filed his quickly-dismissed lawsuit. Since then, Mr. Sinclair — he with a rap sheet for fraud — has been providing one media nightmare after another. FINALLY, he’s posted what he’s claiming is “airtight evidence” that his allegations are truthful.

    And that airtight evidence IS??? Well, let’s see. We have a map of the US, with an arrow indicating Chicago — where this all occurred. We have a picture of a limo, with Mr. Sinclair saying his looked just like that, but the driver was black, otherwise how could he have known who Obama was? There’s a receipt from Binny’s Liquors, proving, Sinclair says, that he bought a bottle of Stoly (because that’s all he drinks, unless he drinks something else). We have pictures of the front of a hotel showing that there’s plenty of room for a limo to pull up. Similarly, a picture of a hotel ROOM, proving apparently that there’s plenty of room to have sex — although Sinclair claims he and Obama had sex on the bed. So, Sinclair says, he’s provided the evidence necessary to bring an end to this sad saga so he can get his money and get on with his life.

    I’m sure sold. Yup. Seems airtight to me, it sure does.

    Actually, I’m thinking of using Sinclair’s logic thread to provide “airtight proof” that I’m Jesus Christ so that I can take all the money my churches have been holding onto for me all these centuries and head off to Rio with a few cases of Jose Cuervo and a brace of hot hookers. Why not?

    • Ed says:

      Fair enough. But why these constant threats? Why is he not simply sued? Because it can’t be disproven, possibly? Is ignoring it the only sensible legal avenue? Surely if it were such an absurd story he would simply be dealt with in the proper manner?

      As it stands, the story is now rather dangerously leering from the front cover of every copy of trash-weekly across the United States. As any machiavellian media PR guru or political ring master would tell you, it doesn’t matter who prints the story, tabloid or broadsheet, it’s the fact that it’s there in the public consciousness.

      Couldn’t this story be stopped through normal channels? And what about these allegations of murder?

      I’d just like somebody to get to the bottom of it all rather than just sling mud at it, if that’s at all possible. Death threats, people getting upset and seemingly having no real comeback just makes me suspicious.

  19. Kim says:

    I’ve been following this story since the beginning at with his interviews with Sinclair. I believe Sinclair.

    O-baa-aaa-aaa-maaa’s supporters have been hair pulling, shrieking, screaming and threatening deadly harm to anyone who doubts their Messiah as loudly as the Zionists do about anyone who questions any little detail or the magic number “6 million” of the holocaust.

  20. Fred Phelps says:

    He’s gay? Oh, that’s FABULOUS!!!

  21. Soos says:

    Globe still not loading over here in UK.

    Obama already admitted to drug use in his past. nothing new there. Now, was the sex in question with anyone underage? Was the sex not consensual? no?


    I believe we got bigger problems than pole smoking that the white house needs to deal with.

    But if true, I feel for his wife. But again, that’s HER problem, not ours.

  22. mary says:

    I think before anything is said `why dont we investigate this issue in detail before taking these allegations`by taking the whole truth-I think people should have respect for their leaders and i hope the `bloody – accusing finger in these claims -will be able to justify all this rubbish about the president…..
    have manners please

  23. Mary says:

    …This could be like the John Edwards story that only a tab (the enquirer) brought out… since the media is deceitful and wont cover anything about Obama that could be negative, we may never know the truth until hes no longer held up as a god to them or is no longer in office.

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