Crystal Meth, The Worlds The Most Dangerous Drug

“Lisa Ling reports in Portland Oregon USA about Meth and the addictive properties it has on people. This is a MUST See by all.”


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  1. airbeds says:

    Very powerful film. I used to live in a small town in North Carolina where a few years ago the police did a surprise raid and busted about 30 meth labs in a day (in a town of just 15,000). It was a shock to me and many others locally, who had no idea it was so widespread. We can only hope this horrible problem can somehow be solved.

  2. Jim Harris says:

    I live in San Diego which was once the meth capital of the world. There are two varieties, P2P and P2 – one made using ephedrine, red phosphorous and hydriotic acid. If you add more red phosphorous to the recipe you form the MDMA (extasy) molecule. Since most of the stuff is made in clandestine labs (now mostly in Mexico), they can bumble the batch and users are getting a strong hallucinogen when they think they’re using a stimulant. This chemical relationship probably is contributing to the psychotic symptoms in general.

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