UK Denied Access To Globe Magazine “Obama Gay Scandal” Story?


UPDATE! It is March 20th 2009, and still the corporate information embargo goes on! Please spread the word! Bizarrely, even the popular alternative press are ignoring this story!?

UPDATE: I’ve had confirmations of no availability in Portugal, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. And still nobody seems to be discussing this. Thanks enormously to those who have contacted me thus far. This story isn’t sinking (the apparent global censorship of internet media outside the US), it has now officially sunk. The implications of the apparent ignorance of this enormous stonewall are disturbing.

Readers from the UK, please take a few seconds to check this google search link and then try clicking on the links at the top of the page. I get nothing. It’s been like this since the 28th of February, now.

The google abstract reads “25 Feb 2009 Rumor has it that some of Globe Magazine’s internet servers had been shut down since the “Obama Gay Scandal” issue was published: I hope

… But check these links or try to get at all.

Thinking this was some bizarre behaviour of my browsers cache, I checked it on Opera, IE (but it crashed…), and eventually walked over the road to a local internet cafe to check it there: still nothing. The stories bring about a 404 page not found error and the globemagazine home page states “page unavailable/under construction”. This seems to be strangely lax behaviour from a major American media corporation.

Please note: this is a UK ONLY PROBLEM AS FAR AS I CAN MAKE OUT.

Is this article being contained from the world wide web? Or is there a mundane, simple explanation to this strange coincidence?

My apologies to readers I may have mislead with my previous article: I thought, initially, that it was a world wide problem. I’m personally unaware of situations where a domain would be available to one country but not to others… Can anyone explain?


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2 Responses

  1. kerry murphy says:

    cant reach it from new zealand whats going on barry lying cheating murdering son of a bitch

  2. Prof. Stephen Hawking says:

    Anyone forgotten that the Globe routinely fabricates it’s ‘stop press’ stories?

    Where’s the line between free speech and slander?

    Is it morally acceptable to block slander from the internet?

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