The War Against Cold Fusion

“The War Against Cold Fusion This cheap and practical power source was derailed by none other than Professor Steven Jones who used his 1-trillionth as powerful demonstration as a way of preventing commercial production of the Pons Fleishmann method.


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  1. Prof. Stephen Hawking says:

    This film is so like a Brass Eye spoof that I shudder to think anyone would take this kind of ridiculous misinformation seriously.

    This single paragraph illustrates all that’s wrong with this film, it’s transcribed form around 5 minutes in:

    “This was a discovery perhaps as significant as the wright brothers first flight at kittyhawk. But instead of embracing it, the governors of official science declared war on cold fusion. Was the promise of cold fusion too good to be true? Or was it trampled on by closed minded, greedy powerbrokers whose special interest outweiged the public good”

    No. This ‘discovery’ wasn’t as significant as the wright brothers first flight. Because there was no ‘discovery’. By semantic sleight of hand, the scriptwriter sidesteps the small question of whether the ‘discovery’ was independently repeatable under laboratory conditions (it wasn’t). And jumps right into pompous comparison with the hugely significant achievment of man’s powered flight.

    See, in the mind of the layperson, the small matter of genuine lack of proof is dressed up as a conspiracy. The shaky premise – that cold fusion is real (it isn’t) is given credibility by way of comparison with a self evidently real and historic breakthrough.

    This is dishonest practise.
    This kind of thing is rife in films I see posted on this site.

    Okay, moving on; after having assumed that the ‘discovery’ is valid. They move on to offer this: “instead of ebracing it” (an unprovable theory sold as being fact) the “governors of official science declared war”.

    Okay, ‘the governors of official science’. Meaning a peer review board who want more than anything else to confirm that ‘cold fusion’ actually exists?

    They “declared war” on cold fusion.
    Okay, putting aside the fact that the discoverers themselves say that they did not call their ‘discovery’ ‘cold fusion’, and yet the term is used continuously as a given, proven principle . . .

    The phrase “declaring of war” is pointless use of overly emotional language.
    No-one ‘declared war’ on anything!

    Here comes the false choice:
    “Was the promise of cold fusion too good to be true?” (YES!)
    “Or was it trampled by closed minded, greedy powerbrokers whose special interest outweighed the public good” (No, no, no. On so many levels NO!)

    This single paragraph should clearly illustrate the fact that this film is utter garbage.

    I feel dirty after having watched a portion of it.

    May be sensible to take it down and have your website steam-cleaned.

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