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UPDATE! 28.03.09. My apologies to viewers, I’ve been faffing about with the design these last couple of weeks. Not having a terribly sophisticated set up I can’t stage any of these in much of a development area so a lot of construction takes place in front of everyone to see. I hope it hasn’t ruined anyone’s surfing pleasure too much.

Initially I made the change to the GridFocus template for its three column layout and cooler nav; I then opted for Calibri, the new Microsoft font, which is just cleaner and easier on the eye (as much of a Georgia Italic fan as I am). I quickly tired of the clean and sparse graphic minimalism of Derek Punsalan’s otherwise beautifully laid out template, and yearned for something a bit sexier, friskier, more “radical”. I went for an idea I had kicking about for a while (bond-esque-girl-with-an-AK47 sillouette) but it just didn’t gel with me and after catching the original design cached on a google search page, I decided to revamp the old ‘classic’ Seven Samurai header. To be honest, I’ve missed those dudes. Toshiro Mifune’s darkly focused surveillance across the tops of the radical films logo and Takashi Shimura’s wise, plentiful features have become a strangely-spiritual aesthetic beacon for me: they offer me, and hopefully you the viewers, a subtle form of guidance into the array of wordly subjects the films on this site attempt to cover. A few of you have told me you miss them, too, so they’re back: hopefully with a little bit of a vengence 😉 All the best to all, peace and happy watching! Ed.

UPDATE! 25.01.09 Well, after a serenading by http://www.rense.com this morning, hits have gone up by the thousands. In two days I got 12,000 hits and it’s still growing (it’s now 7pm). I just hope I get a few of you calling back once in a while to watch these films and that you tell your friends about radical films. Anyway, while gaping at the astronomical stats I noticed gridfocus was now available as a theme on wordpress, so I’ve opted for it. Please let me know what you think in the comments. One of the best things about this theme is the ‘browse by categories’ menu option along the top navigation bar: simply awesome. I’ll tweak a bit of the CSS here and there in the next week or so but overall I’m happier with the updated typography, the three column layout, and the – I suppose – slightly more ‘mature’ feel to it (though don’t worry, I’ll miss the Akira Kurosawa header graphic, too, and will find a way to incorporate an adapted version into the new template). After all, at two years radicalfilms.co.uk is a big boy, now 😉 Peace, love and learning – Ed.

UPDATE! 12.10.08 A recent burglarly left myself and my girlfriend laptopless, bereaved of priceless round-the-world-trip photographs, hundreds of pages of short stories and one 350 page manuscript for a novel (I know: backup). I apologise about the lull in attention to the site. Good news is a new Sony VAIO has joined our family and I’m back on the job looking for interesting stuff to post here. The new design is also back in full swing. Thanks to those of you that have stuck around. Looking forward to the coming months of radical education and entertainment the internet has to offer!

UPDATE! 05.06.08 New developments to be announced soon. And we now have a temporary email address should you wish to contact us: radicalfilms.co.uk [at] googlemail.com. Also, anyone wishing to stick a little banner on their blog or site and help spread the werd, look in the bottom right hand corner of the page.

UPDATE! 26.01.08 Added the film of the week feature and updated the RSS to a Feedburner. Enjoy!

UPDATE! 16.01.08 Been doing some general tidying up and now I am looking at hosting this site myself so that I can include social book-marking (del.icio.us et al) and a ratings system (plus whatever else the wonderful world of wordpress plugins can offer, without going overboard). Unfortunately I’ve yet been able to get the wordpress XML export feature working properly (er, at all) on version 2.3.1 and have thus far come across zero solutions in the forums. Any leaders much appreciated. I’m also cheekily considering approaching a designer friend to update the banner (though I do love the one I’ve got right now, and am such a fan of Kurosawa it hurts, I think somebody more talented in this department could perhaps do the site, and you the viewers, more justice). Keep you posted.

This site has been a suprising success, hits approaching 1000 within three weeks of its creation (now ticking over at about 300-400 hits per day, which isn’t exactly Kryptonite to the mass media machine but I’m sure enjoying having you guys along for my ride into the internet free-media cosmos) .

Initially it was just a way of me keeping track of all the documentaries I wanted to watch. After a short while I thought that perhaps I could provide a kind of online documentary channel, a library of radical and educational film-making. I’m currently wrestling with the design/layout limitations of not hosting the site myself (though my design skills are admittedly poor!). I hope to sort this out in the next few months and make the whole thing a bit slicker and easier to use, as well as adding many new features (such as a ratings system, etc.).

I highly recommend WordPress, a wonderful piece of software.

Any encouragement is more than welcome as it keeps me going and adding to the site! Currently I’m not sure how many hits are returners or just new viewers. Unfortunately, I’m unable to track how many of these films are actually watched, just the hits on the pages, so please feel encouraged to leave comments on the films if you are inclined/have the time. It would be great if we could create a forum for lively debate and further recommendation here.

Thanks for visiting radicalfilms.co.uk

Peace, education, happiness.



To all the film makers, movers and shakers in the internet realm, and the great and diverse human race for all their passion and realisation during each and every one of their short lives. Also to Chris Pearson of www.pearsonified.com/ for a great blog-theme (I fell in love with Press row at first sight), man I wish I could design stuff as slick as him, and Jenna Norwood and Mickey Grant and Tim Sparkes, among others, for making my day commenting on this site (being pretty big guns in the film scene). Also to Adrian Connock and Callum Douglas for doing their own thing, really kicking some proper butt, and for the pleasure of having met them. Finally, but probably most of all, my friends who have shared, contributed, and discussed these films with me. Awesome.

“If it claims to be a God, eat it.” – Zulu proverb.


17 Responses

  1. Greetings and thank you for creating this wonderful resource : ) I would like to submit my award-winning documentary for your consideration on the site. It’s my personal story of transformation on raw food, opposite of “Super Size Me.” I also produce short weekly videos (podcasts) on the subject of health.


    Thank you!

  2. Ed says:

    Thanks Jenna, I’ll certainly be looking into a few recipies myself! At radicalfilms I only really want to post full films, however. Best of luck with your endeavours 🙂

  3. Milan says:

    I just discovered Radical Films and I’m SO adding it to my google reader!
    (I know I’ll be regular!)

  4. Ed says:

    Cool. Great to have you on board 😀

  5. tim sparke says:

    Can you promote http://www.joiningthedots.tv on your site. It is the official home of Loose Change Final Cut and will feature many films of a similar ilk.

    Thank you

  6. alex seymour says:

    Announcing two new YouTube videos and our new website.

    Please check out my new videos I made on YouTube:

    Talk Jock Silences Chemtrails

    Chemtrails: Get The Word Out

    We also have a new website:

    Pass it on and Thank you!!!

  7. salil says:

    Hey there,

    just a query, i need a big feeds icon (click to subscribe) on my blog. How do I do it?


  8. duncan ogilvie says:

    Trying to reach Sam Harris please. Do you know his email address?

  9. Debra says:

    I just found your site on Google; it’s F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! I feel as if you took all my bookmarks/favorite places and organized them into one neat website. Thank you so much. I think people would be willing to donate to you; can you make it easy for us to do that?

  10. Ed says:

    Thanks Debra, to be honest I hadn’t thought of it, no. I’ll admit to being a little edgy about asking for or accepting money on this site because I don’t want the site’s (or my) integrity to be compromised. This is, after all, supposed to be a site promoting wisdom and education for all, thanks to the wonderful people who make these films and, otherwise, the inspiring individuals that are subject of them.

    Having said that (!), I guess donations would be nice (I’ll look into it). But further on from this, I am currently (following recent unemployment – don’t you just love the IT industry) considering extending the site and have another sister site, also, in the wings. I’ll update further within the next week or two on this page. First I have to have some discussions with some bright, talented and eager friends, and figure out how we can get radicalfilms really ‘out there’.

    Thanks again. Enjoy the films and tell your friends 🙂

  11. Susie Deshera says:

    I’m not very computer literate but I just read a
    bit about this site and I’m totally excited! This
    is exactly what I’ve been dreaming of. There are
    so many bad-ass documentaries that I cannot
    find, like,”occupation 101″ and, “the revolution
    will not be televised”…I guess I should go to
    that search thang. Haaaaaa

  12. Ed says:

    Thanks Susie, I hope you enjoy the films as much as I have 😀

  13. nightowl says:

    This site’s fantastic. Thank you so much for creating it. I’ve made a YouTube video about the realities of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nb-mkFxRpGM

    I thought some people here may be interested in viewing it.

  14. Mickey Grant says:

    I’m intensely promoting my nearly finished film about the history of American war crimes in Korea set against the background of the newly revealed history of the American intervention in Korea which started in the mid-1800’s. Here’s a link to an early edit of the film:
    The completion of the film has been inhibited by a great deal of difficulty raising funds for it but I managed to shoot for several weeks in North Korea as well as in the south. I even have Noam Chomsky in the film and lots of amazing new revelations about what really happened in that war. What most people ignore is that there are over 30,000 American military personel present in South Korea… costing over a billion a month and they have been there over 50 years (50 time 12 billion=600 billion dollars).

  15. daveslh says:

    A very useful resource… In these difficult times, independent documentary makers need all the support and encouragement we can give them so that there are alternative viewpoints to the mainstream media.

    I’ve added a link in the resources section of my blog…


  16. Ed says:

    Thanks, Davelsh. Some nice writing on your site 🙂

  17. mary says:

    check the latest news
    Is Obama Really Gay….I don’t think so- the man is
    really not gay`if he was- i would know…..

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