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Sept 28th 2007

It always saddens me when little known films drop off the front page here and I watch their viewing figures drop commensurately. I’ve included the Editor’s Favourites section to try and combat this to some degree, but all I can really do is encourage you – the viewers – to use the search facility and the channel navigation to have a good look around.

I highly recommend experimenting here: try watching something you may not ordinarily be interested in/know of – I can pretty much guarantee it will open your eyes on the world in a new light.

Oct 21st 2007

The world is changing. That is, thanks to the internet, information is more widely available and accessible than it ever has been before. Consequently, some of the information you’ll find on this site may be shocking, disturbing, and upsetting. Despite this, however, it is important that we do not turn away from it and seek solace from our televisions and microwave dinners, but rather face up to these emerging histories, become informed, inform others, and take on the struggle to make the world a better, cleaner, safer place for our children and theirs.


November 6th 2007


12 Responses

  1. Mickey Grant says:

    Thanks for including my film INJECTION on your site.

    Mickey Grant

  2. Ed says:

    It’s a pleasure to promote your film. I wish I could do more. However, the thanks are entirely owed to you for your endeavour in the field of truly investigative journalism. We are all, the world over, indebted to your work. 🙂


  3. Luigi says:

    Much of the media promoted on this site isn’t necessarily going to lead viewers to understanding, it’s more likely to lead one down a dark, and narrowing alley of paranoia and helplessness. As one indulges in repeated dark musing, one develops a distorted, conspiracy-laden world-view. One become less trusting of one’s fellow man, and less able to discriminate between reality and paranoia. One becomes more frightened, feels less empowered and more susceptible to suggestion.

    It’s ironic that, through supposedly trying to ‘spread the word’ about the dark ‘truth. The great majority of ‘whistle blowing’ alternative media is, in actual fact, hastening the enslavement of the masses.

  4. Ed says:

    To a point I agree with you. But what should we do with this information? Bury it?

  5. Luigi says:

    Henry Porter is ‘against’, per se.
    He doesn’t offer any solutions because he does not, himself, fully understand the nature of the problem.

    His piece says more about him than it does about the true state of the UK under the weight of ‘new labour officaldom’.

    To answer your question; yes, maybe we should ignore Henry Porter’s piece. My guess would be that he had to deliver a certain number of words to meet a deadline. He decided to fall back on a lazy old premise. To be ‘against’ something percieved as an injustice in the world. He didn’t have the time, inclination or insight for a detailed critique on the deeper meanings or causes underlying the scenarios given. He cherry picked a few of the most emotive examples, probably from google or letters from irate readers and simply strung them together. Lazy and derivative journalism.

    In an era when many articles are designed to inflame rather than educate this is no surprise. When the ‘success’ of a piece is judged by the number of irate comments it generates . . .

  6. Ed says:

    OK, my mistake: I meant to provide the Henry Porter article as some sort of context.

    You haven’t answered my initial question. What should we do with this information/history? Should we critically analyse it, or… what?

  7. Luigi says:

    Only you can answer your initial question. Question everything, and encourage others to do likewise.

  8. Luigi says:

    Okay then.

    “Should we critically analyse it, or… what?”


    Is that sufficiently ‘low-falutin’ for you?

  9. Marc says:

    There is a book that says that in the end the world will be enslaved. No rich or poor man can buy or sell without a mark. besides that about 1.000 prophecy’s all coming true one after one…
    There is a book about The Light that sets u free from EVERY yoke this world tries to put upon u.
    His name is Yeshua. Free your mind, free your marriage, get free from enslavement.
    Be afraid of the One that can kill your soul forever not the one that can kill your body in this temporary world…
    The world is being lead by industry fascist the Synagogue of Lucifer… don’t believe me? investigate it 🙂

    – They can kill my body they can’t take my soul –

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