“The PentaCon”, Eyewitnesses To The 9/11 Pentagon Attack Speak Out

“Citizen Investigation Team presents this explosive documentary regarding the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon revealing quadruple corroborated testimony proving the plane flew on the north side of the CITGO station making it impossible to have toppled the light poles and damage the building as outlined in the ASCE report. Visit http://www.ThePentaCon.com for more details


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“I Came Over The Bridge With Them”, Taxi Cab Driver Admits Involvement In 9/11 Black Op? ** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


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Scientists Find Military Grade Explosives In WTC Dust

Niels Harrit and 8 other scientists found nano-thermite in the dust from the World Trade Center.

He is interviewed on danish TV2 News. “

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Fool Me Twice: Documentary About Government Cover-ups Concerning The Bali Bombings, East Timor Massacre, and 1993 WTC Attack

I’ve posted this before. For some reason I’m feeling compelled to post it again.

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ZERO: An Investigation Into 9-11

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